SynPure LPA Linear Polyacrylamide

Eurofins Genomics offers high quality synthetic Linear PolyAcrylamide (LPA) for use as a carrier in precipitation of trace amounts of RNA or DNA.

SynPure LPA is synthesized in-house with tight quality control at each step of the manufacturing process. Each batch is proven free of biological contaminants. Eurofins synthetic LPA is therefore ideal for use as:

          - Coprecipitant
          - PCR amplification
          - Ligation
          - Sequencing
          - Other applications where high purity and recovery are essential

SynPure LPA is available in various configurations from unit vials to larger volume and bulk quantities as required.



Product Amount Catalog / Component # Price
1 x 1mL 12CV-001LPA $ 125.00
5 x 1mL 12CV-005LPA $ 160.00




To order, email our technical support team.


Bulk orders are welcome and can be met with a quick response time to meet the demand of various research applications including COVID testing. Please For a price quote on bulk, custom orders, please contact