COVID-19 Testing in School Sports

Sports are the heart of many schools. The rallies, the energy that buzzes inside a packed gymnasium, the hooting and heckling of zealous parents, the concession stand popcorn that flies into the sky after a big play. Athletics unite the school community. That is why it is so important that we do not lose the 2021-2022 athletic season because of COVID-19 quarantining!

Screen the Team!

The best way to protect your players without forfeiting the season is to screen the team. Screening means testing athletes once a week for COVID-19, preferably with PCR tests, so they are clear to play before every game. Also, it lets coaches know in advance if a player is sick so they can quarantine only the positive cases instead of the whole team. This program is sometimes called "test to play."


4 Reasons Why Teams Need to Screen


1. Athletes are More Susceptible to COVID-19

Student athletes are naturally more susceptible to COVID-19 due to the greater amount and intensity of interaction required by most sports. It is common sense. Players will sweat, spike, swim, kick, collide, catch, run, jump, and dunk in close proximity of other kids. This poses a problem: how can we keep these teams competing all season while still remaining safe?


2. Seniors and Scholarships

Many seniors depend on athletic scholarships for college. Boosting their stats senior year, while they are at the peak of physical competitiveness, is critical to winning those scholarships. The number of athletes vying for college scholarships grows each year, making the pool of available funds more and more limited. By testing regularly and staying safe, athletes ensure they are in the best position to play all season.


3. Screening Gives an Edge

Screening gives an edge over the competition. It prevents outbreaks which in turn keeps more of your players active. Opposing teams that choose not to conduct testing will likely be forced to quarantine a greater number of players over the course of the season, putting them at a disadvantage.


4. Impact of the Vaccine on Performance

Some athletes postpone getting the vaccine due to fears that it could have a lasting impact on their respiratory system, which impacts performance. We cannot speak to the impact of the vaccine on athletes but we can test unvaccinated athletes safely with no absolutely no impact to their performance.


Conclusion--Screen Your Teams!

If you want your athletes to play sports uninterrupted, the best option is to screen the team(s) weekly. Testing returns control and confidence back to coaches and passionate athletes by removing uncertainty and increasing eligibility. It can turn COVID-19 into a positive force to propel your athletic programs instead of a detractor.

Contact us about how to set up testing for athletes at your school.