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Test with the Best

Protect your employees and business by preventing breakouts at work.


Quick Turnaround

Prevent shutting down your operations by prescreening with fast results.


True Clinical Lab

Test with a true clinical laboratory and trust the results

Who / We Test

Eurofins performs hundreds of thousands of tests per day, protecting critical pieces of infrastructure in order to keep people safe and economies in motion. Below are a few examples of the industries which Eurofins serves.

Food Production Manufacturing Schools Healthcare

Long Term Care

Transportation Distribution
Restaurants Recreation Sports Teams
Airlines Movie Studios    



What Makes Eurofins / Unique


Faster Results

While many labs struggle to meet a 48 hr or even 72 hr turnaround time (TAT) on results, 90% of Eurofins results go out in 24 hrs. Whether you are protecting your business, yourself, or an entire state, speed is the key to preventing further spread and spikes. For municipalities, slow results delay contact tracing, which in turn impedes the ability to control the spread. For businesses, an outbreak could shut down operations for days or even weeks, costing millions. Eurofins Genomics is proud to be one of the fastest testing labs in the country for SARS-CoV-2, due to our unique logistical position.


Capacity Uncrunch

Eurofins has the capacity to process hundreds of thousands of patient samples each day, through a global network of testing facilities. Eurofins was uniquely positioned to help during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic because of its existing clinical infrastructure. This allowed us to ramp up capacity quickly, while other laboratories struggled to meet the rising demand for testing.



In Eurofins Genomics validation tests, SARS-CoV-2 RNA was not detected in any of the non-reactive or negative replicates and the internal control was detected in each negative sample with a cycle threshold (CT) value ≤ 35. All 55 positive replicates were positive, from 2X LoD through 816,327X LoD.



There were zero false positive results in any of the validation experiments, for both the within-run and between-run precision.

How to Test / with Eurofins

1. Order on Patient Portal
Submit who is getting tested online.
 For companies, public health entities, and other organizations, one of your administrators will submit the people to get tested, typically on a weekly basis. This portal is completely private and convenient since it saves all submissions for easy, repeat testing.
2. Collect Samples
NP Swab, Nasal Swab, and more
 Collecting samples depends on the client's needs and set up. The client may have access to a qualified physician within their organization or require assistance with collecting samples. No matter the situation, Eurofins is prepared with solutions.



3. Receive Results
Typically <24hrs
The samples are shipped back to our high-throughput clinical laboratory, accredited by both CLIA and CAP, for full qPCR testing. Results can be sent directly to the patient or an intermediary, such as a physician, for distribution.

How to / Collect Samples

The directions shown below demonstrate the proper process for collecting samples using a nasopharyngeal (NP) swab. For additional collection methods, such as nasal or saliva, please refer to the CDC instructions.


How to Get Started

1. Contact Us
to Start

We would love to help you with testing.

3. Finalize

    We will work with you to finalize an agreement and testing schedule.