Free School Testing / For COVID-19


Good for Budgets

Federal funding covers 100% of school testing. Details below


Good for Teachers

Eurofins handles the heavy lifting so teachers can teach


Good for Students

Children need normal. Give them a safe place to learn and play

Reopen the Country / By Reopening Schools

Why is school testing important?

These factors combine to make schools a high risk zone for COVID-19 and a potential source for a resurgence.

Economic Recovery
Next to vaccinations, school testing is the most crucial factor to economic recovery. It allows parents to return to work and children return to normal.


Kids spread viruses!
Any parent knows that children brandish a special talent for spreading viruses and most infections come from their school. If one child catches a cold, the whole class gets it. Unfortunately this is true for COVID-19 as well. The CDC reports, “the rate of positive test results was generally higher among children and adolescents (particularly those aged 11–17 years) than that among adults.”


Schools are not vaccinated
Young children and teenagers have the lowest vaccination rates in the country. 0% of small children are vaccinated and an estimated 24% of teens are vaccinated. Although the symptoms of COVID-19 appear to be mild in most children, they can spread it to parents, grandparents, caregivers, and other vulnerable groups. Learn how to get your child vaccinated.


Students have fallen behind
Most K-12 students are >1 year behind now in their studies, which could have a drastic downstream impact for years to come. Help them catch up by returning to full time, in-person learning.

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Is it really free? Yes!

Yes! A bipartisan bill, bridging two presidencies, provides free, federal funding for the explicit purpose of school testing (learn more). Health and Human Services (HHS), in conjunction with the Department of Defense, distribute this funding and manage the program.

In fact, the U.S. Government awarded Eurofins the Northeast and South territory for the HHS testing program! This means that Eurofins is the only approved vendor to conduct surveillance testing in K-12 schools through the HHS program.

Surveillance Testing Schools never see a bill. Eurofins manages everything directly with the federal government.
Diagnostic Testing Schools utilize the state funding provided by HHS. Eurofins Genomics bills the school and the school pays for it through the HHS state funding. A table containing the funds for each state is captured below.
Screening Technically both surveillance and diagnostic testing can serve as a screening method. Please contact us and we can help navigate the nuances to school testing.

Either approach is fully funded although surveillance testing is slightly more convenient for schools, since it requires no payment. The goals of the government-funded program are to help identify and minimize asymptomatic transmission, curtail broader community transmission, prevent outbreaks in institutional and community settings, and protect vulnerable individuals and populations.


We Cover Surveillance, Screening, and Hybrid Testing Programs

Eurofins Genomics provides plug-in-play solutions for every state testing program.

- Surveillance testing through pools (PCR)
- Hybrid testing (Surveillance + Individual follow-up testing)
- Screening (PCR)
- Diagnostic (PCR)
- At Home Collection Kits (PCR)

CLICK HERE for more details on testing options for your school.


What Makes Eurofins / Unique


Exclusive Vendor for HHS Program

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in partnership with the Department of Defense (DOD), invested $650 million to expand testing in K-12 schools. Eurofins was one of 187 vendors vying for the contract. We are honored that the government chose us as the exclusive vendor in the Northeast and South region. What does this mean for your school? If you reside in one of those areas, Eurofins is the only vendor approved to perform surveillance testing at your school.



Collection is a Breeze

Our goal is to make testing as easy as possible. We developed a custom collection process around the needs of teachers, which is hands-off and self-managed by students. Furthermore, Eurofins partnered with Affinity Empowering Inc. to roll out a massive collection program for all school, nationwide, including rural locations. Lastly, we provide an intuitive online tool for teachers and administrators to schedule testing, track results, and monitor the program.


Incredible Sensitivity

The FDA ranked our test as one of the most sensitive tests on the market, which derives from a combination of accuracy and precision. What does this mean for patients? The Eurofins EUA approved test can detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus at extremely low levels, much lower than other tests, which is especially useful when pooling samples for surveillance.


Amazing Precision

Zero false positive results during validation, for both the within-run and between-run precision. This equates to 99.9% precision on our test.

Where to Start / Testing

School Testing
Diagnostic, Screening, and Surveillance / Pooling
As the exclusive vendor for HHS testing in the South and Northeast region, and an approved vendor in many state testing programs, Eurofins is the ultimate partner for rolling out testing at your school.



Sports Teams
Diagnostic, Screening, and Pooling
School sports are a key part of many children's lives but pose an increased risk of spreading the virus due to the close interaction of players. Work with Eurofins to set up weekly tests for your team for free.




Summer Camps
Diagnostic, Screening, and Pooling
It is critical that schools begin testing over the summer to ensure a smooth logistical roll out of the testing plan once the school year begins. Eurofins provide testing for sports camps, summer camps, and many other summer programs for students.



How to / Collect Samples

What types of schools can participate?

Any school--public, private, religious, or otherwise--can participate in the HHS program for expanded testing in K-12 schools. If you plan to use an alternative source of funding, please contact that institution for details.


How do I start testing at my school?

Contact us to get started. We do all the leg work. Set up is easy. The summer is a great time to get started because it allows time to smooth out the process before the fall. All it takes is reaching out to start free testing at your school.


What types of testing does Eurofins offer schools?

Eurofins Genomics provides all major testing methods including screening, diagnostic, and surveillance testing. Additional testing methods are available. Furthermore, Eurofins developed a hybrid test that combines the benefits of all three methods into one test. View the details here.


Exclusive HHS Contract for K-12 School Testing in the Northeast and South

The U.S. Government awarded Eurofins the Northeast and South territory for the HHS testing program. If your state falls in one of these territories, then Eurofins is the only vendor approved by the federal government to provide surveillance testing.

The Eurofins HHS contract focuses on expanding national COVID-19 testing through the novel approach of surveillance testing in K-12 schools, as well as under-served and vulnerable populations. Eurofins has been awarded the agreement to test up to 24.6 million people in the Northeast and South regions.

Eurofins U.S. Clinical Diagnostics companies, which operate a network of 20 CLIA-certified labs, have been at the forefront of COVID-19 testing. Eurofins launched its first RT-PCR assay for SARS-CoV-2 in the U.S. on March 13, 2020. The FDA-emergency use authorized assay, developed by Eurofins Viracor, Inc., is ranked one of the most sensitive on the market, according to the FDA’s SARS-CoV-2 Reference Panel.1
Eurofins’ U.S. COVID-19 program is centered on pooled surveillance PCR tests, where any positive pools reflex immediately to individual diagnostic testing. This method helps identify positive individuals in a timely manner without the need to re-test. Eurofins’ high ratio pooling (24:1) combines low cost testing with a highly sensitive test, which is ideal for early detection in community and school settings.


State by State Funding for COVID-19 School Testing

If you choose to participate in the HHS program for surveillance testing in K-12 schools, which provides $650 million to schools, you will never receive a bill. Eurofins Genomics manages the billing process directly with the government.

If you choose to use the ELC grant, then funding is distributed on a state level. The table below breaks down ELC state funds.

Jurisdiction Funding
Alabama $147,681,528
Alaska $22,033,777
American Samoa $1,487,904
Arizona $219,231,387
Arkansas $90,894,777
California $887,715,802
Colorado $173,450,305
Connecticut $107,384,696
Delaware $29,329,294
District of Columbia $21,256,814
Florida $646,898,907
Georgia $319,791,575
Guam $5,075,137
Hawaii $42,645,370
Idaho $53,825,522
Illinois $300,527,799
Indiana $202,771,135
Iowa $95,029,161
Kansas $87,747,589
Kentucky $134,564,120
Louisiana $140,019,396
Maine $40,487,006
Marshall Islands $2,346,310
Maryland $182,092,917
Massachusetts $207,598,811
Michigan $300,799,236
Micronesia $3,084,238
Minnesota $169,862,951
Mississippi $89,640,149
Missouri $184,856,322
Montana $32,191,069
Nebraska $58,263,420
Nevada $92,772,788
New Hampshire $40,953,829
New Jersey $267,527,208
New Mexico $63,155,461
New York $334,830,878
North Carolina $315,895,947
North Dakota $22,952,934
Northern Marianas $1,548,143
Ohio $352,069,960
Oklahoma $119,182,026
Oregon $127,036,170
Palau $653,593
Pennsylvania $337,878,400
Puerto Rico $96,192,497
Rhode Island $31,907,434
South Carolina $155,076,741
South Dakota $26,645,495
Tennessee $205,691,372
Texas $803,456,353
Utah $96,561,883
Vermont $18,794,243
Virgin Islands $3,198,692
Virginia $257,085,647
Washington $229,356,843
West Virginia $53,978,589
Wisconsin $175,368,857
Wyoming $17,431,937
New York City $251,100,840
Los Angeles County $302,372,980
Chicago $81,141,236
Houston $69,885,365
Philadelphia $47,711,231


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