Waste water testing is a novel approach to COVID-19 testing and offers the benefit of analyzing a large populous using a single sample source. Hundreds of people can be tested at once using a single sample. Waste water testing is typically used as an early detection method to identify hot spots for COVID-19 within large areas such as a state, county, or city. Although waste water testing does not provide results for individual patients, it alerts municipalities and organizations to positive cases within the specific sample group.

Comparing Waste Water to Other Tests

The most common sample collection method is swab tests, typically taken through the nasal cavity. However, this method is not easy to scale. As testing ramped up across the United States and other countries, swab-based testing centers faced capacity issues, delays to results, and supply chain shortages. On the contrary, waste water testing is much more scalable solution. Hundreds of people can be tested at one time, using one sample. The trade off is specificity of course. Once a positive case is identified in a waste water sample, it is important to investigate further with individualized testing.

An additional benefit of waste water testing is comparing demographic information on the sample group. Governments can compare the number of COVID-19 cases across various groups to better understand how the virus is spreading and who might be more susceptible.


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