Bioinformatics Options

Delivering comprehensive and high quality data analyses

Order your next generation sequencing project with our bioinformatic services and get processed data that is easy to evaluate and interpret.

Our outstanding expertise, state-of-the-art software, and certified hardware ensure that all your individual project data demands are fulfilled.

Our bioinformatic services at a glance:


Variant Analysis »

  • Mapping of sequencing reads to any reference sequence or database
  • Detection of variants (SNPs, InDels, and structural variants)


Exome Analysis »

  • Mapping of exome sequencing data to human genome reference
  • InDel and SNP detection
  • Annotation of variants and reporting of enrichment statistics


Transcriptome Analysis »

  • Gene expression profiling reporting gene-based read counts
  • Differential expression analysis using statistical software. Reporting of fold-changes and P-values


De Novo Assembly »

  • De novo genome assembly
  • Assembly of large insert constructs e.g. BACs
  • De novo transcriptome assembly to obtain full size transcripts


Metagenome Analysis »

  • 16S or ITS rRNA based metagenome analysis
  • Taxonomical assignment and read abundance estimation for all OTUs
  • Normalised abundance estimation of bacterial and archaeal OTUs

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