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Metagenome Analysis

Which organisms are in your samples?

Get detailed information about the microbial composition of your samples

Book our metagenome analysis on top to your 16S or ITS sequencing project and we perform species determination in your environmental samples with state-of the art analysis technology. Compare the microbial content in different conditions and easily visualize the changes.

Our bioinformatic pipeline includes

  • Quality clipping of reads, noise removal and sorting of reads according to indexes
  • Picking of OTU representative sequences (Operational Taxonomic Unit)
  • Taxonomical assignment and read abundance estimation for all OTUs down to species level (depending on the sample and bacteria present in the sample only down to genus or family level)
  • Normalised abundance estimation of bacterial and archaeal OTUs considering lineage-specific copy numbers of marker genes
  • Optional, diversity analysis (alpha or beta) can be ordered.

Our deliverables at a glance

  • Analysis statistics in a detailed report (PDF)
  • Numerous result tables for further processing or import into Excel
  • HTML files for visual exploration using your webbrowser

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