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Variant Analysis

Accurately study all types of mutations

Get high quality mapping data to detect all SNPs and InDels.

Based on the exact mapping of each read, differences between the set of reads and the reference sequence are detected and evaluated.

Eurofins Genomics provides you with accurate SNP and InDel calls. Results are reported in the common VCF format (Variant Calling Format). Additionally all mutations are transferred to comprehensive human-readable tables (tab-delimited).

Our bioinformatic services offer:

  • Mapping of re-sequencing data to a reference genome (e.g. whole genome sequencing or amplicon sequencing projects)
  • SNP and InDel detection based on the mapping results

Our deliverables at a glance:

  • FASTQ files containing all Illumina reads
  • Mapping survey that included report on number of reads and bases mapped, information on reference coverage and much more
  • BAM files (Binary Sequence Alignment/Map and Index) for further analysis and visualization of mapping results
  • Reporting of (annotated) variants in VCF format
  • Genetic variant annotation and effect prediction (e.g. amino acid changes) if reference genome annotation is available
  • Mapping and variant calling results are prepared for easy access with Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) for result visualization

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