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Genome Sequencing

From E.coli to big plants

Eurofins Genomics offers a wide range of services for de novo or re-sequencing of genomes. We will tailor the sequencing strategy to the sequencing layout of your genome of interest.

De novo genome sequencing projects:

  • Sequencing of novel genomes (absence of reference sequence)
  • "Re-sequencing" of genomes without a reference sequence. The de novo strategy is recommended if large genomic re-arrangements or InDels have accumulated in the genome
  • Assembly of shotgun reads into contigs based on sequence identities. Contigs are oriented and ordered by our long jumping distance (LJD) libraries

Re-sequencing projects

  • Ideal when a good reference sequence is available
  • Mapping of shotgun reads to the reference sequence, optional variance analysis

We offer genome sequencing service for the following areas:

Choose the perfect package for your application

De-Novo Sequencing of Genomes

ReSequencing of Genomes



The appropriate layout of different LJD libraries as well as the sequencing technology depends mainly on your project. We would be happy to advise you about the most convenient strategy.


For an individual quote or additional information, contact us.

Selected publications about genome sequencing


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