Custom NGS Solutions

Innovation & Expertise

Our Next Generation Sequencing service is available on different instruments which allows us to combine our best technologies to offer you optimum solutions for your applications.

Next Generation Sequencing is not only deep sequencing but also data analysis and project consulting. We at Eurofins Genomics are dedicated to defining projects that perfectly fit all your needs by combining state-of the art bioinformatics and different NGS technologies.


Genome Sequencing

Transcriptome Sequencing

Resequencing & Amplicons

 De Novo Sequencing of Genomes De Novo Transcriptome Amplicon Sequencing
 Resequencing of Genomes  Expression Profiling Resequencing By Sequence Capture
  Small RNA Sequencing Exome Sequencing

Sample Preparation




  • Fast turnaround times using latest technology standards
  • More than 13 years of experience in NGS