Biosample Processing - Enhance Your Biobank

Benefit from the following services for biosample processing:

  • Quantification of the extracted DNA and RNA  by OD measurement (230nm, 260nm, 280nm), PicoGreen, Ribogreen or Real Time PCR
  • DNA Quality control via gel electrophoresis (random samples or as requested for all samples)  and by measuring the A260: A280 and A260: A230 OD ratios
  • Quality control of RNA extraction via Bioanalyzer (RIN values)
  • Normalisation of DNA and RNA samples to a defined concentration
  • Aliquoting of DNA and RNA samples in specific reaction tubes and plates (cryotubes, microtiter plates, REMP plates) for the purpose of bio-banking and based on client-specific schemes
  • Customer specific labeling of reaction tubes and plates, e.g. with barcode labels
  • Isolation of blood cells (PBMC) from whole blood including hematologic analysis for quality control (e.g. cell count and differentiation)
  • Aliquoting of any kinds of biofluids (e.g. plasma, whole blood, serum, urine, sputum) in specific reaction tubes and plates (cryotubes and microtiter plates) for the purpose of bio-banking
  • Upon request storage of samples at 4°C or -20 °C

Eurofins provides support in logistics, including collection and provision of sampling kits with appropriate collection containers, like blood collection tubes.

All analyses are carried out by our ISO 9001:2008 certified and ISO 17025:2005 (D-PL-13372-01-00) accredited laboratory according to GxP standards.