Transcriptome Analysis

Have a look on all RNA molecules!

Eurofins Genomics offers you the whole range of approaches for transcriptome analysis - whatever you desire.

Transcriptome analysis is the characterization of all transcriptional activity, coding and non-coding, without prior assumptions. Transcriptome analysis enables the fast profiling and deep investigation of the whole transcriptome, or portions of the transcriptome (e.g. mRNA-focused or small RNA-focused transcriptome analysis).

Eurofins offers the following transcriptome analysis approaches:

  • Normalized random primed cDNA library
  • cDNA library for mRNA Seq
  • Strand-specific cDNA library
  • Small RNA /mi-RNA/ non-coding cDNA library
  • 5‘-fragment cDNA library
  • 3‘-fragment cDNA library

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