DNA Fingerprinting for Crime Scene Forensics, Cell Line ID & Paternity Testing

Identification of humans or cells with DNA fingerprint

We are one of Europe's premium laboratories for DNA profiling services. Our customers include private clients, the police, public authorities and legal organisations. Our human identification services covers cell line identification, human contamination tracing and human clinical sample identification in research, biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications.

With dedicated laboratories, Eurofins provides tailored ISO 13485:2003 accredited DNA profiling services to police forces and legal organisations across Europe. We thereby contribute to both national and international DNA databases and of course always respect the high quality and security standards of our clients.

Our DNA profiling expert teams, methods and machinery allow us to offer a broad range of applications to the scientific, industrial and governmental community.

Non-forensic DNA services

  • Cell line identification services for research, biotech industry and pharmaceutical applications
  • Tracing of human (and non-human) contamination in laboratory and production areas
  • Individual identification of human (and non-human) tissue, blood and other samples in comparison to reference materials of these individuals or other samples. Often used to proof sample exchange or identity in clinical, pre-clinical and diagnostic studies

Classical forensic DNA services

  • Police Force compliant buccal (mouth) swab sampling
  • DNA profiling for inclusion into national DNA databases
  • DNA profile interpretation and comparison for suspects - scene linkage and multiple scenes - incident linkage
  • Analysis of Crime Scene Stains - samples of DNA material from body fluids (blood, saliva, and semen etc) and touch DNA (handled objects)
  • Serious Crime and Sexual Assault Investigation
  • Paternity Testing