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Illumina Array Platforms

Illumina arrays - Geneticists' first choice!

We ensure success in providing our customers with the highest-quality genetic analysis services using the Illumina's leading-edge technology.

Illumina iScan

The Illumina iScan is geneticists' first choice microarray scanner. Highly reliable, the iScan allows not only whole genome genotyping for many different species but also transcriptome and expression analysis. We offer genotyping on the readily available Illumina Infinium HD Bead Chips or customized HD Bead Chips.

Illumina BeadArray Reader

The BeadArray Reader is a laser scanning confocal microscope system that provides the ability to scan high-density BeadChips. This instrument is dedicated to expression array analysis.

Place your samples in our hands and receive:

  • Academic consultation
  • Highest quality standards (up to GLP / GCP compliant)
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Highly experienced staff who have analyzed over 100,000 samples and microarrays
  • Complete data confidentiality – no claims of rights

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Profit from whole-genome power and our long-term expertise!

Eurofins Genomics is Illumina CSPro certified since 2007 for Infinium whole genome SNP genotypng assays. Our highly experienced staff routinely perform projects originating in diverse scientific disciplines.

Illuminas array-based genotyping is useful for:

  • association studies
  • linkage analysis
  • identification of haplotypes
  • breed identification
  • genomic selection
  • much more

Our genotyping services cover most sample types with reliable Turnaround Time!

Currently available Illumina SNP genotyping BeadArray:

Human SNP Genotyping

  • Core Array family (>550 k)
  • Omni Array family (>5.000 k)
  • Infinium OncoArray (>530k)
  • HumanCytoSNP Array (>220k)

Agrigenomics SNP Genotyping

Other species

Use the latest NGS and array technologies to create the array you need. First, let us help you with genome-wide SNP detection. That's followed by selection of SNPs according project needs and the design of your custom Illumina chip. Finally, we process your customized Infinium Bead Chip(s).

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Illumina- Not just for genotyping!

With our long-term experience in the powerful potential of Illumina array technologies, we also offer expression and methylation analyses. Empower your experimental needs with our expertise!

Our offer includes the processing and data analysis of array-based analyses for the following Illumina BeadChip products:

  • HumanHT-12 v4 Expression
  • MouseWG-6 v2 Expression
  • MouseRef-8 v2 Expression
  • Human Methylation450

Interested in using Illumina technology for your expression or methylation project? Contact us.