Core Sequencing Lab Partnership & ABI Trade-in Program

Sequencing Core Labs across North America are partnering with Eurofins Genomics to save operational cost and focus on more advanced areas of research, while still providing the very best sequencing services to their customers. Eurofins Genomics makes this partnership appealing by letting you stay in control of your lab and buying back unused equipment to cut depreciation cost, all while outsourcing sequencing to the most reliable, high quality provider in the country.


Save Money

More Free Time in Lab

Buy New Technology

By outsourcing your sequencing to Eurofins Genomics, you cut cost immediately while still maintaining a reliable, high quality service for your customer.

Remain in control of your lab and customers while funneling the leg work to us. This allows you to spend more time in the lab on research.

Use the proceeds to purchase new lab equipment and hire new staff. Let us upgrade your lab and make your research more competitive.


  Cost Saving

  1st Year

  3 Years

  5 Years

  Core Lab Cost
  Estimated Fixed and
  Recurring Costs




  Costs if outsourcing
  to Eurofins Genomics









ABI Trade-In

Eurofins Genomics is willing to buy back your old ABI and Sanger equipment. This is mutually beneficial to both parties because many core labs have already, or are in the process of, transitioning to NGS, while our Sanger business continues to grow. Instruments accepted for the buy back program vary, but are typically the  ABI 3730xl and ABI 3700.

Furthermore, we will continue to support your Sanger needs at a competitive rate, so virtually nothing changes for your operation, except lower overhead and more free time to work in the lab.

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