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Ordering Guide

How to Order and Request a Quote

1.  Login

2.  Go to the gene order page

3.  Step 1: Select the format for submitting information, i.e. upload form, manual entry, or copy/paste

4.  Step 2: Select specifications for order

This information will apply to all genes in the group.

  • Sequence Type
  • Optimization Species
  • Vector
  • Plasmid Preparation
  • Other options

5.  Step 3: Enter Sequences

  • Enter sequences.
  • Click analyze to allow GENEius to optimize your gene's sequence and analyze for complexity.

6.  Step 4: Finalize

  1. Add express service to any gene by clicking the checkbox.
  2. Add to cart

5.  Checkout or Request a Quote

  • To checkout, follow the online screens to enter your address and payment information.
  • To request a quote, click on the “Quote” button in blue (next to the checkout button at the footer of the order page). If the price shows "n/a" in the cart, it means the order must be manually quoted due to complexity or another factor. Simply click the quote button to submit it as a quote.