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Express Oligos Details

The Fastest Oligos On the Planet

Eurofins Genomics offers several expedited oligo products including Express Oligos and Express Plates. In addition, we offer special turnaround times for large volume orders for commercial companies, up to 100 plates per day, shipped in 1 day. Please contact us to discuss those options.

Our line of express products is made possible by a combination of technology and logistics. Our proprietary synthesis technology produces oligos with a higher coupling efficiency and a shorter coupling time compared to other synthesis platforms, shortening the overall production time. Secondly, the Eurofins Genomics US production facility is located next to the UPS hub for North America, which provides an unparalleled logistical advantage. Combine these factors together and the result is faster, more reliable delivery of materials to your lab.

Plan your experiments with confidence, knowing that your primers will arrive on time. Every oligo is verified by MS and passes the same quality control standards as normal oligos before being shipped. This ensures that speed does not sacrifice quality.


Format       Tube       Plate
Cut off time
      5pm ET       3pm ET
Surcharge       Free       $45 / plate
Delivery Timeline       1 day TAT. Express Oligos are synthesized and shipped the same day the order is placed and delivered the next morning       1-2 day TAT, depending on redo rate
  • Length: 5–40 nts
  • Synthesis scale: 10 and 25 nmole
  • Purification: Salt-free
  • Normalization: multiple options available
  • No modifications
  • Bases: Standard bases (A, C, G, and T) only 
  • Maximum of 25 Express Oligos per order
  • Mon-Fri, holidays excluded. Friday orders will be delivered the following Tuesday.
  • Cannot be combined with other products
  • Length: 5–40 nts
  • Synthesis scale: 25 nmole only
  • Purification: Salt-free
  • Normalization: multiple options available
  • No modifications
  • Bases: Standard bases (A, C, G, and T) only
  • Maximum of 3 plates per order.
  • Minimum of 48 oligos per plate.
  • Mon-Fri, holidays excluded. Friday orders will be delivered the following Tuesday.
  • Cannot be combined with other products
Location       US       US
Yield / Quantity       Quantity: 1.5 to 2 OD guaranteed (enough for over 200 PCR reactions).        Quantity: 1.5 to 2 OD guaranteed (enough for over 200 PCR reactions). 




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Meeting the Need for Speed

The demand for high-throughput, quick-turnaround oligos has grown in response to shifts in research and funding. On the commercial side, life science companies compete in a high-pressure, high-stakes environment with tight timelines for product development. Procuring large amounts of highly-specific oligonucleotides at an accelerated rate has become critical to fuel progress. The "publish or perish" pressure of the academic world has always made speed important. However, a new era of qPCR-based research has emerged in the wake of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, narrowing the focus of the usually broad research sector, creating even greater competition. The race is on.

Eurofins Genomics has always been a customer-centric company, focused on advancing the needs of the scientific community. As scientists called for faster delivery, we allocated more operational capacity to fast-turnaround products to meet both small and large volume orders.


Premium primers without the premium price tag

  • No Additional Fee for Express Oligos!
  • Order from the normal, custom DNA tube page

Get Express Service at Regular Price!  Every 15–40-mer, salt-free, regular DNA oligo ordered for synthesis at 10 and 25 nmole synthesis before 5:00 PM EST is now an Express OligoTM

The new Express OligoTM - setting new standards for oligo suppliers!!! We have come to believe that to truly support your efforts towards pushing the frontiers of genetic research at your pace and within your budget, we should deliver routinely used primers reliably without a premium price tag that makes you compromise on speed. We have now optimized our synthesis workflow, web portal, and other supporting logistic operations to do just that. You can avail the following benefits by ordering Express OligosTM from Eurofins Genomics:

No Premium Fees:
You do not have to pay additional fees for prioritizing your primer orders. With expanded oligo synthesis capacity at our facilities, we can now synthesize your primer and ship it on the same day. Pay the regular per base price and choose from the regular shipping options; over a period of time, your savings can be significant.

Plenty of time to design your oligos:
With order cut-off times at 5:00 pm EST, you can run a PCR assay in the morning, run and analyze a gel in the afternoon, and still have sufficient time to place orders for new oligos with an expected next-day delivery. Your research can proceed uninterrupted at no additional cost!


Delivery Time (in business days)

Express TAT Graph V4

Length (in bases)

Express Length 2


By the Numbers

Feature Eurofins Genomics Alternate Provider
Example: Length 28 mer 28 mer
Example: # of oligos/order
5 5
List Price/base $ 0.28 $ 0.65
Shipping Cost  $14.50  $ 20.00
Total Cost  $86.98 $144.65
Length Limit
 15–40 bases 15–45 bases
Bases A, C, G, T, No Degenerate Bases A, C, G, T, and Degenerate Bases
Purification Option Salt-Free Salt-Free
Synthesis Scale 10 & 25 nmole 25 nmole
Yield 2-OD 2-OD
Modifications Not Allowed Not Allowed
Order Cut-Off time

5:00 PM ET

Mon-Fri Only

3:00 PM ET

Mon-Fri Only

Delivery Format Dry, in tubes Dry, in tubes
Quality Control*  MALDI-MS Mass Spec
Locations US Only US and Canada

*Orders for oligos placed after 5:00 pm EST will be processed as standard oligos.
*Overnight delivery of the oligo is dependent on successful QC validation. Errors or failed sequences will result in a delay or separate shipments.*OD guarantees are for 20-mers and above*Total cost is based on the average order size and length.



  • Must Login BEFORE visiting the order page.  If you do not login, or login after the order is already in your cart, it will not be considered express. 
  • US customers only.  Unfortunately, international packages are stopped by customs for a brief time, so we cannot guarantee express shipping outside the US.
  • Cannot be combined with other items, such as standard oligos.
  • Oligo Requirements: Length: 15–40 nts; Synthesis scale: 25 nmole only; Purification: Salt-free; Normalization: Dry only; Bases: Standard bases (A, C, G, and T) only; Delivery Format: Dry, in tubes; Quantity: 1.5 to 3 OD (enough for over 200 PCR reactions).
  • Limitations: Mon-Fri only, cut-off time is 5:00 pm ET.  Friday orders will be delivered Monday, not over the weekend.  Express Oligo ordering is not available on Saturday or Sunday.


Order Directions

Express Oligos are now ordered from the normal, tube oligo order page found HERE.

To order an Express OligoTM, simply type in the sequence and add to cart  on the custom oligos in tubes order page. An Express OligoTM will be automatically indicated using a green text that appears below the name of the Oligo and inform when the oligo can be delivered. For an oligo to qualify as an Express OligoTM, the following conditions must be met. This express service will become a normal part of the synthesis process. 


1. Login to your account.  Express Oligos are only available if you have an account. It does not apply to guest users.

2.  Go to the normal Custom Oligos in Tubes from the Order Now menu in the top toolbar.

3.  Enter your oligo name and sequence as normal.  If it meets the requirements for Express Oligo service, you will see a green message appear under the oligo name. If you do not see a green message, then most likely the oligo does not meet the requirements for express service. 

Express 3 Clock And Message

NOTE:  You must choose “Overnight Shipping” for the oligos to be delivered the next day.  Otherwise, the oligos will still be synthesized the same day but mailed using standard 2-day delivery. 

Express 11 Shipping


Please ignore the following conditions.  

  • Standard wobbles are not allowed with express service, but may still display the green confirmation message. 
  • There is a maximum of 25 Express Oligos per order, but the system may still display the green message when orderse exceed 25 Express Oligos per order. Ignore this message.