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Bulk shipping refers to the process of combining individual orders into one bulk shipment. This reduces packaging and waste. For example, if ten different people from the same institution order within a few days, we can hold the initial orders and ship all ten together in one package.  Bulk shipments are mailed to a centralized location where users can pick up their package.

The benefit to the customer is a more streamlined logistical process. Depending on the situation, discounted or even free shipping may apply when ordering online.  Typically, the cost of shipping is applied to the customer's private shipping account (Fedex, UPS, DHL), or shipping cost is handled in another way.  Every situation is unique.

If your organization orders frequently or wishes to use a private shipping account, bulk shipping may be a good fit for your lab.  

Bulk shipping is easy to set-up and will save your lab cost. Send us an email or click the button below to set up bulk shipping.  Be sure include your phone number in the email. We will call you back to discuss since each organization is different.


Set up Bulk Shipping

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Details and Considerations

It is important to understand how the system works though to ensure a smooth implementation.  Below are the key components and considerations to setting up bulk shipping.


Bulk shipping requires one person at your organization to act as the consolidation and distribution point for all incoming packages. This person is refereed to as a consolidator. This role varies by institution. It can be as informal as a lab manager or person in the lab responsible for supplies, or as formal as a mail center or supply warehouse on campus that manages packaging anyways.

It is important that the consolidator be located somewhere that is easily accessible to other people. If someone must walk 15-20 minutes across campus to pick up their order, it is not ideal.  For large campuses, this problem is solved by setting up multiple consolidation points.

Order Volume Determines Shipping Frequency

The frequency of bulk shipments is based on the volume and frequency of orders.  The higher the order volume, the higher the frequency of bulk shipments.  Low to mid-tier volume organization can still set up bulk shipping though.  In that scenario, bulk shipping is set up for specific weekdays based on when you order most often, such as Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Any orders placed on Monday or Wednesday would be held until the next bulk shipping day.

Institution vs. Individual

Obviously bulk shipping is designed for groups, labs, organizations.  It is not designed for individuals ordering sporadically.  The expectation is that all researchers at the lab, organization, or company would participate in bulk shipping. It is difficult to opt out individual users, but not impossible.

Other Considerations

  • Bulk shipping primarily applies to oligo and gene orders, not sequencing. Anything is possible though depending on volume.
  • One institution may contain several separate labs.  Some of those labs may be participating in bulk shipping, while others are not.  Only participants in bulk shipping will receive the shipping discount on their orders, if discounts apply. The labs and/or individuals not participating would not receive discounted shipping.