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Eurofins Genomics is the most reliable sequencing company in the country according to our benchmark comparison against alternative vendors. Currently, the sequencing laboratory is tracking 99% on-time delivery for overnight samples.

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Overnight Results from Anywhere in the US!

Eurofins Genomics offers overnight results for standard sequencing orders in the US. It is recommended to ship samples express, preferably using UPS overnight air early. Results are delivered the next morning, even on Saturday! (Overnight sequencing is available for orders up to 192 standard sequencing reactions.)

  • Anywhere in the US
  • Premium service, same low price
  • Results the next morning, including Saturday
  • Free overnight shipping on >90% of orders if using digital shipping label

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Scope of Overnight Service 



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Eurofins Nationwide

Nationwide Competitors

It is important to note that some competitors do offer nationwide overnight service if the customer pays for overnight shipping and certain restrictions are met. In our opinion, this is not true overnight service due to the cost and time constraints around such as service. The comparison above is an "apples to apples" comparision when taking into consideration the true cost and time required.  


Cost Comparison



Other Providers

Shipping Cost

Free for >90% orders

Prepaid, digital shipping labels provided


Customer needs to pay for shipping

Turnaround Time

Overnight on tube orders*

2-3 days on large orders

2-5 days depending on logistical options and size of order

*Some restrictions apply. Please the 'details' tab.


Eurofins Genomics offers nationwide overnight results for all sequencing services in the US. When you place an online order and send us your samples, you'll receive your results the next morning, even on Saturday! (Overnight sequencing is available for orders up to 192 standard sequencing reactions.)

  • Anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii

  • Premium service, same low price

  • Results the next morning, including Saturday

  • Free Shipping on >90% of orders, through digital shipping label


By being located a few miles from the UPS headquarters, Eurofins Genomics offers unparalleled logistical benefits.  This provides you a wider window of time for submitting samples.  Also, our customers enjoy free overnight shipping labels on all qualifying orders, a perk that you just cannot find anywhere else.  

  • Free shipping for qualified orders (digital shipping labels) which will save you approximately $20-34 per shipment

  • Consistent, overnight results from anywhere in the US

  • The most reliable logistical system in the world

  • Convenient online ordering

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Requirements to Qualify for the Overnight Sequencing Service:

  • Samples must be sent using Eurofins Genomics digital shipping label, which are provided during checkout, and dropped off before the cut off time for next day air (UPS). Using any shipping method except for UPS overnight will not qualify for overnight sequencing.
  • Samples assembled in tubes or plates supplied by Eurofins Genomics (e.g., SimpleSeq Kits and Prepaid Plates) or barcode-labeled custom centrifuge tubes (≥1.5 mL tubes or semi-skirted plates).
  • Maximum of 192 sequencing reactions.
  • Only standard read conditions (sequencing projects that require additional services, such as PCR cleanup, Power Read, RCA, BAC reads, or primer walking are not included in the overnight sequencing service).
  • Samples must be prepared according to the guidelines provided in the Sample Submission Guidelines including the use of barcode labels.

Non-adherence to any of the above sample preparation and submission processes, including the absence of barcode labels, can result in delays. Once the samples are assembled in barcode labeled tubes and plates, please follow the four simple steps to get the sequencing results by noon of the following day