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Use Eurofins Genomics Easy Value Ordering card or EVOcard to conveniently pay for your orders. The EVOcard is a virtual prepaid card similar to a prepaid credit card. The prepaid EVOcard can be purchased in various value amounts at any time of the year.* This feature allows you to manage your research budget efficiently; you can load your card when you have the money and use it for genomic services and products beyond the grant period. All billing, and shipping information associated with your account is transferred to the card as well, making ordering quick and convenient!

Order / Refill Card

*Please note that it takes 24-48 hours for any EVOcard changes to be reflected on the website.

Easy: Getting an EVOcard is fast and easy. Simply provide a name for your card and the amount you want to deposit.
Value: It is real value for your dollars! You can allow members of your team to use the card to place online order while conveniently managing/monitoring the use of the budget through your account.
Ordering: Order any product or service—Oligos, GeneStrands, Genes, Prepaid sequencing kits, sequencing services—offered by us and pay with the EVOcard. Your card will not be charged until your product has left our warehouse or the services have been completed.


Please note that you can have only one EVOcard at any given time. You can, however, allow two or more members of your team to use a single EVOcard to order products and services from the website. When you order an EVOcard, an associated EVOcard group is created. If you would like members of your lab to be able to place orders using this EVOcard, you can invite them to join the EVOcard group. Please note that you can invite only members who have an account on and you can only use their login name to extend the invitation.  

EVOcard features:

  • Easy ordering via our online ordering system
  • Integration with your account
  • Billing, shipping and price quote information is stored, making ordering quick and convenient
  • Valid for all custom oligonucleotides products and DNA sequencing services
  • Reduces your administrative effort
  • Flexible deposit amounts
  • Reload at any time
  • Full transaction listing on your order history

How EVOcard works:

  • Use a P.O. or credit card once to purchase/refill an EVOcard
  • Place multiple orders without further P.O. or credit card usage
  • Track order history and account balance online


Order / Refill Card


 * When loading with amounts greater than $1500, please specify your amount in increments of $500.00. For example, $2000.00, $2500.00, etc.

How to Use an EVOcard

Start paying for your orders the convenient way. 
You can order, refill, and view your account EVOcard details at the order page here and through the My Accounts page.

Order your EVOcard
For ordering your EVOcard, please login at

  • Select “Order / Refill EVOcard" under "Quick Order" links on the top of the page or click on the order button on the side bar.
  • On the top order panel of the order editor, enter a name for the EVOcard, the dollar amount you wish to deposit on the EVOcard and press "Order now"
  • Confirm your EVOcard order on the order summary page.

Important Note:

  • EVOcards must be checked out independently of other products. It cannot be combined with other items.
  • It takes 24-48 hours for the new card to appear in your account.

Please note that EVOcards must be checked out independently. The order of EVOcards cannot be combined with other products.

Order Card


How to Refill and Manage an EVOcard

You can add more funds to your EVOcard anytime.

  • Just login to your account and select "Order / Refill EVOcard" under "Select Product" on the top of the page or click on "My EVOcards" in the "My Quick Links" box under "My Account".
  • Enter the amount of money you would like to deposit in your account and click "Refill EVOcard".
  • Confirm your EVOcard refill on the "Summary & Payment" page.

Important Note:

  • After adding new funds to a card, it takes a minimum of 24-48 hours for the balance to update with the new amount.
  • EVOcard refills must be checked out alone.

Refill Card


More Directions

Paying for products and services with EVOcard
Once your EVOcard has been activated, you can use your EVOcard as a payment method for all online orders at check out. The balance on your EVOcard will reflect the amount reamining on the card.

Track your transactions
You can conveniently view your EVOcard balance anytime. Just login to My Account or use the link in the sidebar.

EVOcard user group
When you invite members to your EVOcard group, they can place orders for products or services using the EVOcard. You can monitor the usage of the EVOcard and choose which aspects of the EVOcard you want to share with your EVOcard user group members.

Updates to the balance
After adding new funds to a card, it takes a minimum of 24-48 hours for the balance to update with the new amount.  Please keep this in mind because it means that the EVOcard must be updated 1-2 days before placing the order.