Innovation is in Our DNA / Aerospace Engineering is in Our Technology



Unlike other “next generation” technologies, the quality on our oligos is outstanding.


Scalable to Large Vol

The capacity for this technology is almost limitless so you can easily increase volume.



EXTREmer oligonucleotides go up to 200 bases, perfect for synthetic biology, gene construction and cloning.

New! / Upgraded Fleet of Synthesizers

The engineering team has been quietly working on several upgrades to the new synthesis platform that we launched a few years ago, exclusively for Eurofins Genomics. We are proud to announce the rollout of these upgrades to the entire fleet of synthesizers. The changes will further enhance the new proprietary synthesis technology in several key areas, including a boost to performance output, efficiency, and the speed of each machine. For customers, the upgrades equate to an exponential increase in capacity.

No project is too large

No volume is too high

These upgrades align with the fundamental design of the platform, which is built for speed, reliability, and quality chemistry. Contact us to accelerate your pipeline.

One Oligo / Infinite Applications


Perfect for PCR Primers

These oligos are perfect for a wide variety of PCR applications. For example, they are great as sequencing primers using the Sanger method. Also, they perform strongly in PCR amplification to amplify a sequence of interest.

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Gene Cone

Superior Synthetic Biology

Stop fretting over mRNA isolation and cDNA preparation. Assemble any gene using overlapping, synthetic oligos fragments. Also for gene constructs, you can assemble your DNA inserts ahead of schedule and within budget using these low-yield oligos.

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These are next-generation oligos for next-generation applications.  Develop your targeted NGS panels, prepare barcoded libraries for NGS, or use them to create variants of your CRISPR-Cas9 system or CRISPR pooled libraries.

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Robust Chemistry Meets / Advanced Engineering

Robust Chemistry

The proven, widely-used phosphoramidite chemistry has finally got the home it deserves. With the ability to dispense microliters volumes of reagents accurately, to scale the synthesis up or down without loss of synthetic efficiency, to move fluids faster using capillary action, and to generate high quality salt-free oligos (the likes of which have not been encountered before from a high-throughtput synthesizer), the new synthesizers are designed to facilitate your genetic pursuits at the pace and quality you deserve. Read more

Representative ESI Mass Spectrum and Capillary Electrophoresis data.MS_CE_Sample
Advanced Engineering

Plane3The initial concept for this technology was inspired by aerospace engineering on planes, almost 6 years ago. Building a DNA synthesizer is almost like building a small jet engine. Both utilize the science of air pressure, air flow, vibration, fluidics, and thermodynamics inside of complex, mechanical engineering.

Most companies would have partnered with a lab automation company. However, these companies have a higher tolerance for errors than commercial engineers. Most scientists have experienced this personally when lab equipment goes down for maintenance. It happens so often that downtime is almost an accepted, social norm in the life science industry. We rejected the assumption that lab equipment cannot be both sophisticated and robust. We decided to take the path less traveled.

In aerospace engineering, downtime is unacceptable. Lives are at stake. For this reason, Eurofins Genomics partnered with a commercial-grade, aerospace engineering company to capture the same level of reliability and reproducibility found in airline industry.

Eurofins Genomics started 30 years ago as a small start-up company on the west coast. We developed a new synthesizer that revolutionized the industry at that time, by providing oligos at a much lower cost than it was previously thought possible. Three decades later and we are still the same company. We are still developing revolutionary new technology. Our mission is still to progress science and support the scientific community. You might say innovation is in our DNA.

  • Reliable—consistent, controlled, and precise reagent flow ensure low QC failures
  • Robust—phosphoramidite chemistry ensures >99.5% coupling efficiencies
  • Rapid–increase in reagent dispensing and solvent removal speeds

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