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Innovative New System for Same Day Pickup

Become a Sponsor to Earn Free Sequencing and Free Sample Pickup

Eurofins Genomics has a revolutionary new dropbox system that makes it possible to deploy a sequencing dropbox virtually anywhere in the continental US. You no longer have to be located in a biotech hub or big city to enjoy the convenience of sample pickup. Any lab can set up a box. Pickup is free. All you need to do is scans the QR code on the placard to request a pickup, and prepare the samples. Our goal is to empower scientists and make their lives easier.


Sponsor a Box
  Setup Placard
  Request Pickup
You can earn hundreds of dollars in free sequencing by sponsoring a dropbox. The funds are loaded onto your EVOcard. A local sponsor is required to setup and oversee the box. Also, they consolidate samples before a pickup.  

We will ship you a dropbox, prepaid shipping labels, and supplies. Then all you need to do is take photos of where the box will be placed, and wait on a wall placard to arrive.



Scan the QR code on the placard to request a pickup. The driver will arrive the same day to pick up. While they are on the way, package all the samples in one of the prepaid shipping envelopes.


Sponsor a Box








How to Set Up a Box

1. Ask

  • Email to start the process.This system can be deployed virtually anywhere.
  • A digital placard (PDF) will be emailed to you. The placard goes on the wall where the samples will be picked up.

2. Pick a Good Spot

  • Choose a location where both your staff and the driver can clearly see and easily access the placard. Common areas that are open late are typically good places, such as a lobby or mail room. Areas that are locked, required badge access, or located in a difficult part of the building to find, are not ideal. Avoid areas where theft may occur.
  • Place the placard on the wall where it is easily visible to the driver.

(Optional) Place a box

  • You may wish to place a dropbox at the location to collect samples. In this case, attach the placard to the lid.
  • If you're using a lockbox, don't forget to include the combination in the email (keyed locks are not allowed).
  • Eurofins can provide a box if needed.

3. Verify and Activate

  • Take a photo of the site with the placard properly displayed from about 10 to 15 feet away, so that we have a visual reference of the location.
  • Send the photo and a description of the location to us.
  • You will receive a Confirm Placard Display link in your email.
  • Report any changes to us and please include your 9-digit ID in the subject line.




How to Request a Pickup


1. Scan the QR Code to Request Pickup

  • Scan the QR code on the placard. It will link to a webpage where you can request a pickup.

2. Leave package for the driver to pickup

  • Place your samples in an envelope or package and apply a shipping label, then leave it for the driver to pick.
  • Eurofins Genomics provides free digital shipping labels for over 90% of orders.
  • If you are managing the box for a group or lab (AKA sponsorship) then you will need to combine all the samples left in the box into an envelope and prepare for shipment. Sponsors are provided shipping supplies by Eurofins.


3. Done!

  • The driver will pickup the package same day from the placard location.
  • The driver will not pickup single tubes in the box; they must be ready for shipment.
  • Free UPS envelopes are available at most UPS stores, if additional shipping materials are needed.