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Eurofins Genomics offers a quick and convenient process for creating, approving and converting quotes into an order.  Quoting is an important part of any researcher's life. In many organizations, a researcher must present a detailed quote to a purchasing manager, PI, or procurement department in order to get approval for funds, usually in the form of a purchase order or credit card. 


  • Automated process to convert a quote into an order.
  • Fast process from start to finish.  Most quotes are approved and ready to order within 24hrs.
  • Easy to download a quote PDF which contains not only item and pricing information but also vendor information which is helpful to your purchasing manager.  Everything is contained in one, simple document.


Go to Your Quotes



  1. Add the items you wish to quote into the cart.
  2. Go to the cart and click the quote button instead of checkout
  3. Proceed through the normal checkout steps. No payment is required. Click "submit quote" at the end.
  4. Our technical experts will review the quote.
  5. Visit the quotes page to check if the quote is ready yet.  When done, it will contain a PDF quote which is useful if you work with a purchasing manager.
  6. Accept or reject the quote from the My Quotes or My Account page

If you reject the quote, the option to move forward on the quote will disappear but the details will remain for posterity.

If you accept the quote, you will be redirected to the checkout process.  If you have previously saved your settings to skip the first 2 steps of checkout, it only takes 2 clicks to convert the quote into an order!