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Standard plates offer the greatest balance between quality, flexibility and price.

PrePaid Plates is the best option for purchasing managers and grant-funded Labs because you can prepay and use it when ready.


ShortSeq is a faster, lower-cost plate sequencing service. The trade-off is shorter read lengths, which are typically below 550 bases.

Pre-cycled samples submited in plates after removal of unincorporated terminator dyes.

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For researchers seeking DNA Sequencing services for samples submitted in the 96-well plate format, we offer quality, convenience, customization, and an unmatched turnaround time for prices that are competitive even with the 'core lab' at several universities.Experience the best service, ultimate convenience, and excellent flexibility with our 96-well plate sequencing services.

  • Submit any sample type
    Bacterial clones, plasmid DNA, mixtures of DNA with primers, purified or unpurified PCR products—we can read them all.
  • Pay when you want
    Pay before (Prepaid Plate Kits) or after we run your sequencing reactions—we also provide convenient payment options.
  • Submit small or large volumes
    Send your samples in one plate (minimum, 24 sequencing reactions/plate) or in several hundreds—we can process them all.

Our services are tailored to meet all the sequencing needs of your laboratory for samples submitted in 96-well plates. Select the one most suitable to your need:

  • PlateSeq Service
    Full service for plasmids and PCR products
  • Prepaid Plate Kits
    Prepaid solution for the PlateSeq service—we will even give you the 96-well plate and a pre-paid shipping envelop for free.
  • ShortSeq Plate
    Low-cost, rapid service for sequencing 'premixed' samples requiring short reads (~550 bases)
  • Ready2Load Plate Service
    For pre-cycled samples submited in plates after removal of unincorporated terminator dyes—ready2load on the sequencer

All 96-well plate sequencing services include the following features to help you conveniently order and analyse your data:

  • Convenient online ordering and tracking via Ecom
  • Free sample collection from your DropBox location
  • Individual order settings within your personal preferences
  • More than 80 standard vector primers for free on stock (for PlateSeq and PrePaid plate kit services)
  • Secure download of trace files in *.scf or *.ab1 format
  • Clipped and unclipped sequence results in FASTA format
  • Secure online archive of sequence data for 6 months

For the fastest turnaroung times and high-quality sequence data, adhere to the recommendations laid out in the sample submission guidelines.

Choose PlateSeq service to avail the most flexible sample submission and customization of the service.

  • Submit any type of sample: plasmids, fosmids, BACs, crude or purified PCR products as 'premixed', 'template only', or 'template and primer' samples
  • Provide sample quantity for use in up to 4 different sequencing reactions in each well
  • See Prepaid plates to avail the same features along with free sample submission accessories.
  • Instruct us to add our standard primers for free, order a custom primer, or send us your custom primer; we will even store your custom primers.
  • For your sample, we will also perform additional services such as purification, RCA plasmid preparation, etc.


Guidelines for submitting the samples in the 96-well Plate format.

  • Use 96-well, v-bottom, full-skirt PCR plates
  • Each plate should have samples for at least 24 sequencing reactions
  • Seal plates securely with strip caps or a cap mat (avoid foil or tape seals)
  • Leave two wells empty on each plate for the internal quality control samples; the data from the internal controls are checked before sample data is released
  • Use the excel template provided here to upload the sample information.
  • Barcode labels are available for tracking the plate through our work-flow process.


Our services give your sequencing reactions a high rate of success

  • With the Power Read service, you will receive a free one time repetition in case of technical failure
  • Storage of template DNA for 5 days
  • Storage of enclosed or sent primers for 1 month (where indicated) or ordered primers for 6 month
  • Conveniently download result

PCR Purification, Additional Services and Submission Details

  • For PCR product purification service, dispense a minimum of 15 uL of the crude PCR product.
  • For RCA plasmid preparation, glycerol stocks are recommended. Send a minimum of 10 μL of a 50% glycerol solution prepared from overnight cultures. We also accept pelleted cells and overnight cultures shipped with ice packs overnight.

To customize services and pricing for your high-volume projects, please contact us.

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Prepaid Plate Kits have all the convenience of a prepaid service plus the accessories you need to safely ship your samples.

When you order a PrepaidPlate from us, you will receive the accessories required to ship your valuable samples in a plate safely to us. You can assemble your samples in the 96-well plate and then ship the same back to us for processing.  Since the plate is prepaid, when you submit your order for sequencing, you will not be charged for the sequencing service. Currently, we provide two types of prepaid kits and the associated services.  

Order Prepaid Plate

Submit Prepaid Plate


*Prepaid plates are submitted on the
normal plate sequencing submission page.


Length Together

“I tried the pre-paid DNA sequencing plates and the process and results were fantastic!  We have tried other options, including both in-house equipment and other competitors, but frankly, the pre-paid plates are significantly less expensive, faster, and results even arrived on Saturday.”

-         J. Heilveil, Ph.D.



Prepaid Plate DNA

Does not include purification/prep

This kit is for submitting purified DNA samples, e.g., prepared plasmids, purified PCR products, etc. This kit includes:

  • Does not include prep/purification
  • 96 sequencing reactions (PCR clean-up or DNA preparation is not included)
  • A barcode labeled blue 96-well plate
  • Twelve 8-cap strips for sealing
  • Shipping Box
  • Pre-paid, pre-addressed, shipping envelope
  • All prepaid items expire after 3 years
Prepaidthumb PCR

Prepaid Plate PCR

Includes PCR clean up

This kit is for crude PCR samples that have not been purified yet. Eurofins Genomics will purify the samples when received. This kit includes:

  • 96 Clean-ups of crude PCR products
  • 96 sequencing reactions
  • A barcode labeled green 96-well plate
  • Twelve 8-cap strips for sealing
  • Shipping box
  • Pre-paid, pre-addressed, shipping envelope
  • All prepaid items expire after 3 years

*For Alaskan and Hawaiian customers exclusions apply. Please contact customer support before placing your pre-paid order

How to Submit Prepaid Plate PCR


How to Submit Prepaid Plate DNA


Shortseq Logo Done

Fast and low cost solution for short DNA reactions

When your sequence of interest for the samples is less than 550 nucleotides long, you should not have to wait longer to get your sequencing results. Submit your samples in the ShortSeq plate format and you will receive the following advantages:

  • Faster service for a shorter read length—results are typically delivered by 9 am the day after we receive the sample.
  • Per plate pricing—a minimum of 24 rxns; submit upto 94 samples
  • Typical read length of 550 bases


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Submit your samples in Ready2Load plates when all you need for acquiring reliable sequencing data is the ABI analyzer.

Ready2Load is our service which allows you to conveniently get your pre-cycled samples analyzed using our ABI sequencer.

Plates What you need to do

Perform the cycle sequencing of your template based on the BigDye Terminator v3.1 Cycle Sequencing kit (Applied BiosystemsTM) user guide and the instructions accompanying your thermal cycler.

To get better sequencing data, ensure that the unincorporated dyes are removed from the sample prior to submission.

We prefer that you submit your samples after drying it down; if you do ship them wet, please add a note in the plate notes while placing the order.

What we do for you

  • Load the purified samples on our ABI sequencers
  • Read samples under standard parameters for lengths of up to 700 Q20 bases
  • Upload the data from the sequencing gel in your online account

The sequencing results from our Ready2Load service depends predominantly on the cycle sequencing reaction conditions. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of your sequencing data.


  • Only full-skirted, ready to load plates are accepted for analysis
  • Submit a minimum of 24 samples per plate
  • Samples must be delivered post BigDye® reaction, dried samples are preferred
  • Please make sure your BigDye v3.1 reaction mix arrives post-purification (i.e., after removing the unincorporated dyes) and the order has been placed
  • DNA is read using standard parameters on ABI 3730xl DNA sequencers
  • Note that Ready2Load plates are processed using an abbreviated analysis protocol (for improved turnaround time) and read lengths are typically 500–700 bp.

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