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Almost every researcher that uses sequencing also uses oligo primers, and vice-versa. They make the perfect couple. Each one complements the other. Why split up such a perfect pair?  You will save money and time by combining them with Eurofins. Here is how.

Faster Together

The Perfect Pair like Peas & Carrots

Combining Oligos with Sequencing is like strapping a rocket to a Ferrari. The combined speed is unbeatable. Why? If you order primers from another supplier, you must wait 2-3 days for the primers to arrive, only to turn around and ship it to us. It could be costing you 2-4 days every cycle. On the contrary, our sequencing primers are synthesized just a few meters away which cuts the transfer time down to zero.


Better Together

A Tasty Twosome like Peanut Butter & Jelly

Our oligo primers are perfected for our sequencing protocol to produce the best results. Other suppliers' primers are not bad, just not as good in this context. Combining our oligos with sequencing leads to better results. Separating them may diminish your results.


Save Together

A Dynamic Duo Like Coffee and Donuts

Combining oligos and sequencing with Eurofins will save your lab money. How? Well for starters, it consolidates two shipments into one which reduces shipping cost. For example if you order oligos from another supplier, you are paying an extra shipping charge just to reship it to us for sequencing, and vice versa if you are shipping our oligos to another sequencing provider. Second, it reduces labor cost-less material to process, less pipetting, less dilution, less steps-which reduces cost. Third, it will increase your order volume with Eurofins Genomics.  The higher the volume, the better the pricing.


Easier Together

A Convenient Combo like Milk and Cookies

Two suppliers means twice the work, twice the paperwork, and twice the hassle. Combining your oligo and sequencing orders into is just...simpler. Plus, the new sequencing tube submission page includes a convenient control for ordering custom primers on the spot, making the entire process much easier.

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Unraveling the mysteries of Mother Nature and improving human health through science is exhaustive and ambitious. Combining suppliers will save you critical time and resources which are better used for elevating your research to unforeseen heights. You may be wondering how? Express Oligos are already the fastest primers on the planet. Overnight sequencing is already the fastest nationwide sequencing service. Hopefully the information above highlights the unseen benefit of combining oligos and sequences at Eurofins Genomics. It will save money, improve quality, and speed up your research by 2-4 days each cycle.