Accounting Policies

Accounting Policies

When paying by credit card, an additional +15% will be authorized on your account due to changes that may occur on the order.  Your account and credit card will only be charged for the final invoice cost though.

Terms & Conditions for Prepaid Items

  1. Prepaid DNA sequencing reactions can only be redeemed online at the website. No email or paper orders can be accepted for redemption of prepaid DNA sequencing reactions.
  2. Prepaid DNA sequencing reactions are standard DNA sequencing reactions only and cannot be redeemed or traded for Power Read, Large Clone, or Primer Walking reactions.
  3. SimpleSeq kits include the purchase of 96 prepaid sequencing reactions, and you will receive 96 2D bar-coded tubes for use in redeeming your reactions. These tubes are for use in submitting templates only. Primers cannot be submitted in these tubes.
  4. Prepaid DNA sequencing reactions can only be redeemed by using the 2D bar-coded tubes mentioned above for template submission.
  5. SimpleSeq kits and Prepaid plates come with 96 prepaid sequencing reactions each.  How these reactions are used and redeemed differs per product.
  6. For SimpleSeq, tubes remaining after all prepaid reactions have been redeemed can be used to purchase additional tube DNA sequencing reactions at the prepaid price. 
  7. Prepaid plates must be submitted at one time including all reactions.  If less than the total number of reactions, 96, is submitted, the remaining reactions are forfeited by the purchaser.
  8. You may redeem multiple reactions in a single tube or well (e.g. forward and reverse primer).
  9. After all prepaid reactions have been redeemed, the remaining 2D bar-coded tubes cannot be used for no-charge redemption of prepaid reactions. Additional purchases are required for use of these remaining tubes.
  10. All sales of prepaid DNA sequencing reactions are final. No refunds can be given for unused reactions or plates.
  11. 2D barcode labeled tubes and barcoded plates for prepaid DNA sequencing reactions cannot be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen.
  12. A minimum number of reactions is required for submitting prepaid plates. The minimum requirement is the same as all sequencing plates and set by the lab and updated periodically.
  13. All prepaid items expire after 3 years. 
  14. Free barcodes do not expire. 


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