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Single-stranded RNA oligonucleotides ready for use in your application

ssRNA and chimerics produced at Eurofins Genomics undergo the same stringent quality control measures that are applied for the production of our DNA oligos. When you order ssRNA from Eurofins Genomics, you get:

  • Dedicated online order editor
  • Sequence length from 6 to 80 RNA or modified bases
  • Wide range of modifications available
  • Salt-free or HPLC purified oligonucleotides
  • Synthesis scales ranging from 0.05 μmol to 1.0 μmol
  • Quality control by OD measurement and MALDI-TOF MS
  • Deprotected and ready for use

These ssRNA Oligos are delivered lyophilized in 2-mL tubes. If these specifications do not meet your requirements, please contact our customer service representatives at

Chimeric oligonucleotides

Chimeric oligonucleotides are oligos that have both DNA or RNA bases in the sequence, inlcuding the modified RNA bases or linkers, such as 2’-O-methyl-Ribonucleotides and phosphorothioate bonds. The use of chimerics is recommended in applications where the stability of the RNA is critical for the success of the project. The use of DNA bases or 2’-O-methylated bases at nuclease sensitive portions of the oligo increase its resistance to digestion by nucleases. Use the dedicated order editor to order your nuclease-resistant chimerics. When you order Chimerics from Eurofins Genomics, you get:

  • Dedicated online order editor
  • Chimeric oligos from 6 to 80 bases
  • Wide range of modifications
  • All chimeric oligos are purified using HPLC
  • Quality control by OD measurement and MALDI-TOF MS

Our experience over the decades has shown that HPLC purification is critical for the success in applications with chimeric oligos. We also recommend that you perform Na+ salt exchange using commercially available desalting column (e.g., NAP or MicroSpin columns) before use in cells or live animals.

ssRNA and chimeric oligonucleotides

Features ssRNA Chimerics
Synthesis Scales (in nmoles) 50, 200, & 1,000 50, 200, & 1,000
Modifications Flours, spacers, base and sugar modifications Flours, spacers, base, and sugar modifications
Available Oligo Lengths (in nt) 6–80
Purification Options Salt-free, HPLC HPLC
Delivery Formats Dry; in 2-mL tubes Dry; in 2-mL tubes
Turn-around time 1-3 days for unmodified RNA, Modified oligos will take longer Depends on the types of modifications


The modifications available with ssRNA, chimerics, and siMAX siRNA are collectively displayed here. When these modifications are included in the sequence, the synthesized oligos are only offered with HPLC purification. Please note that to order 2’-O-Methyl substituted ribonucleotides, use the designators [2OMeA], [2OMeC], [2OMeG], and [2OMeU] in the sequence. To order deoxyInosine or deoxyUridine simply use the single letter codes I or U, respectively, in the sequence of the oligonucleotide.