The Fastest Oligos in the World / To Speed Up Your Research

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New Technology

Exclusive new synthesis technology provides the horsepower driving our delivery speed.

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Fastest Speed

Order by 5pm EST and receive your oligos the next day.

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No Fee

Unlike other suppliers, there is no premium fee on express service. What a brilliant idea.

Free Expedited Service / for Express Oligos

Speed is Free at Eurofins
While other suppliers charge fees to expedite synthesis, Eurofins Genomics offers express service for free on standard primers. It is a benefit worth switching suppliers for because it can dramatically increase the pace of your research.


Same Day Synthesis and Shipping
Express Oligos are synthesized and shipped the same day the order is placed, so they arrive the next day typically between 10am - 12 noon depending on the time zone. Shorter reaction cycle times and high QC pass rates for the oligos synthesized on the new Continuous Flow Synthesizer ensures that your oligo will be shipped out quickly.


No Compromises on Quality
Express Oligos are synthesized on our proprietary synthesis technology and outperform other suppliers in most routine applications. Shorter reaction cycle times and high QC pass rates for the oligos ensures that your oligo will be shipped out quickly. Plan your experiments with higher confidence that our oligos will be there when you need it.


Publish Faster
Faster oligos means accelerated research, which means you get published before the other guy.


Reduce your work
Eurofins oligos continue to outperform other suppliers in direct comparisons, which means you will have fewer colonies to pick, see clearer bands for PCR amplified products, and have fewer confounding results. Better oligos means better research and less work.





“Thank you so much for providing such a speedy production and delivery. Your website is very user friendly and the ordering template is great!”
- L. Elvir
“Best Oligo ordering system I've ever used, and I've been ordering oligos since 1992!”
-       Andrew B. PhD
“Best ever, perfect balance of quality and price. You guys never disappointed me.”
- R. Paik



Incredible Technology Leads to Incredible Oligos

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With our recent technical advancement in high-throughput oligonucleotide synthesis (HTS), Express Oligos are synthesized with a higher coupling efficiency and in a shorter time than other traditional HTS machines, enabling us to serve your research needs in a timely and reliable manner. We value your scientific objective as much as you do and know that the use of our oligonucleotides in your experiments will give you the same or better experimental results as oligonucleotides from other suppliers. So, try us out. Please contact us at if you want to try a few oligos, or order from the custom pricing schedule.

Order Cut-off Time by Region

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Compare Express Oligos / Against Any Metric

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Express Price Comparison Graph

*Based on sample tests of 5 tube oligos, at 28 bases each.

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How to Order / Express Oligos


  • US customers only.  Unfortunately, international packages are stopped by customs for a brief time, so we cannot guarantee express shipping outside the US.
  • Oligo Requirements: Length: 5–40 nts; Synthesis scale: 10 and 25 nmole only; Purification: Salt-free; Normalization: Dry only; Bases: Standard bases (A, C, G, and T) only; Delivery Format: Dry, in tubes; Quantity. Maximum of 25 Express Oligos per order per day.
  • Limitations: Mon-Fri only, cut-off time is 5:00 pm ET.  Friday orders will be delivered Monday, not over the weekend.  Express Oligo ordering is not available on Saturday or Sunday.


You no longer need to visit a separate order page to purchase Express Oligos.  Go to the normal custom DNA tube order page and submit your order.  If the order meets the express conditions, you will see a green message underneath the oligo name field, showing your express delivery date.

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