Custom Projects

Eurofins Genomics has the flexibility and capability to perform custom projects for our customers’ special needs. Custom projects that we have completed in the past include:

Primer Mixing and Pooling

Whether you want to order a mixture of forward and reverse PCR primers or need a pool of 1000 oligos, we can help. Our automated liquid handling systems can handle the most complex mixing and pooling projects.

  • Equal concentrations/amounts
  • Specified final concentration/amount for each oligo
  • Wet or dry
  • Custom buffers

Large-Scale Synthesis

Although our highest published synthesis scale is 10 µmol, we can produce oligos in large-scale yields from milligram to gram quantities.

Custom modifications

Eurofins Genomics has the widest selection of modifications available. But, sometimes the modification that you need is not listed. We perform custom modifications, along with normalization and pooling on a regular basis.

Library Generation

As part of our next generation sequencing services, we regularly create libraries for the 454 and Illumina platforms. We also offer these library generation services independent of our next generation sequencing services. Whatever your application and platform, Eurofins can create a high quality library to maximize your success.