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GLP Extraction and PCR Services for Regulatory Sequencing

Empowering Your Genetic Discoveries with the Highest Accuracy

Depending on the nature of the GLP-sequencing project, additional services may be required to prepare the sample for sequencing or to troubleshoot the sequencing results. DNA and RNA extraction is a common service which is performed prior to sequencing. PCR is typically performed after sequencing or during the experiment to troubleshoot results. Eurofins Genomics offers extraction and PCR services that follow the stringent document control and quality standards found under GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). Eurofins Genomics is committed to excellence and will ensure your research journey is fortified with accuracy and reliability, making us your trusted partner in unlocking the mysteries of genetics.

Our GLP extraction services form the bedrock of your genetic analyses. Through meticulous methodologies, we extract high-quality DNA or RNA from various sample types, including blood, cells, viruses, and waste. Our skilled scientists leave no room for contaminants, safeguarding the integrity of your DNA and providing you with trustworthy data to fuel your discoveries.

Sample Types Accepted


Blood   Saliva   Environmental    Mammalian    Virus


Why Eurofins?

  • Scientific Excellence: Our team comprises distinguished scientists with a passion for precision in genetic research.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored to your unique research requirements, ensuring optimal outcomes for your projects.
  • Data Integrity and Security: Trust in our robust quality control measures, safeguarding the confidentiality of your data.
  • Timely Delivery: We understand the value of time in research, and our streamlined processes ensure timely delivery of results.


Industries We Serve


Academia and Research

Elevate your academic pursuits with reliable and validated genetic data, shaping the future of scientific exploration.


Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Drive drug discovery and development with precise genetic information, revolutionizing patient care and biotechnological solutions.


Environmental Sciences

Unravel the secrets of biodiversity and ecological dynamics, influencing conservation efforts and environmental understanding.


Agriculture and Crop Improvement

Harness the power of genetics to improve crop breeding programs, ensuring sustainable and high-yield agricultural practices.


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