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Eurofins Genomics LLC recently acquired Blue Heron Biotech, a company specializing in advanced gene synthesis. Blue Heron will continue producing their line of stellar genes. Eurofins will continue producing stellar oligos. However, there are some nuances within the gene portfolio which requires further explanation.

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 Learn why scientist love Sanger sequencing and DNA/RNA synthesis from Eurofins Genomics. Eurofins Genomics is the fastest provider in North America.    Learn about Blue Heron Bio and its mastery of complex gene constructs. Also, learn how the gene portfolio is split between the two companies.




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Whether you are new to Eurofins Genomics or used us for years, this page is designed to help you get acquainted with products, pricing, logistics, and other useful information about our company. Our portfolio is designed to accelerate your research so you can publish faster and spend more time in the lab.

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How to Split Gene Orders

We advise customers to order directly from the Blue Heron's website if their gene(s) are complex, longer than 1000 bp, or requires subcloning. If you wish to order gene fragments or standard genes less than 1000 bp, please order at


Blue Heron Benefits

  • Up to 50kb constructs
  • Proven track record of producing genes that other companies fail at.
  • 100% of genes are produced in the United States
  • Custom software to optimizes genes
  • Express service available.