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Barcodes Ensure Safe & Secure Sample Processing

Barcode labels are used for processing samples through our DNA sequencing workflow. These unique barcodes allow us to track your samples through the various steps in the Sanger Method of DNA sequencing, and to ensure that the order entry process is validated and accurate. This step virtually eliminates the possibility of typos in sample IDs and other related errors.

  • Barcodes are applied to a tube* (when not used) and scanned when the samples are received
  • Allows for verification of typed barcode entries on the sequencing order page
  • Barcode tracking of all samples through each step in the Sanger method of DNA sequencing
  • Absence of sample transfer into different tubes during the workflow ensure sample-to-results correlation

*Please note that when the samples are submitted in tubes or plates without a barcode, we charge a fee of $2.50 for pasting the same.

Barcode Types

  1. Free standard barcodes:  Eurofins Genomics provides free barcode labels on the supplies page. Customers using their own tubes should order and apply these barcodes.  
  2. SimpleSeq barcodes: all SimpleSeq tubes come pre-labeled. All you need to do is type in the barcode when submitting online. 
  3. *New--8-strip barcodes: 8-strip barcodes are automatically generated by our system and displayed on the online order page. Please write these barcodes on the side of your tubes using a sharpie marker. If using the excel upload form, please leave the barcode field empty. The barcodes are a combination of your initals and a number sequence, such as cetera.  

Update on Free Barcodes

Free Barcodes no longer require manual activation.

In the past, you may have received an insert with your free barcodes that shows an activation code. This is no longer needed.  You should type in the barcodes in the tube submission page, as per normal, and the barcodes will automatically activated to your account.  Barcodes no longer require a manual activation step.


View Available Free Barcodes on the Sequencing Dashboard

Type 1: SimpleSeq Barcodes

All SimpleSeq tubes come pre-labeled with barcodes. All you need to do is type in the barcode number when submitting the tubes online. Please note the down arrow on the order page which will autofill sequential barcode numbers after you enter the first one, to save time.

Standard and SimpleSeq barcodes can only contain digits. Please remove any hyphens, dashes, spaces, or periods before using a barcode. 

Go to your Sequencing Dashboard to view available SimpleSeq barcodes.

Type 2: 8-Strip PCR Tubes

8-strip barcodes are automatically generated and displayed for you on the online order page. Please write these barcodes on the side of your tubes using a sharpie marker. If using the excel upload form, please leave the barcode field empty. The barcodes are a combination of your initals and a number sequence, such as cetera. 

Type 3: Applying Free Barcodes to Other Tubes

Barcode Page Image

Step 1: Order Free Barcodes

You must be logged in to order free barcodes. Once logged in, go to sequencing supplies page to order the free barcoded labels. These barcoded labels will be delivered to you through USPS in 3–5 days. Please note that a maximum of 288 free barcode labels will be shipped per order. You must not use custom barcoded labels from other sources as they will not be recognized by our e-commerce system.

USPSEnvelope  B4



Step 2: Apply Barcode to Sample

No more 'activation' required! Previously, one of the steps for using the barcodes was to 'activate' them into your account using the code on the top of the envelope. Now, based on feedback received from you, we have removed that activation step. You are ready to use the moment you receive the barcoded labels.

To use the barcode simply peel and apply the barcoded lable on one the tubes or plates used for submitting your DNA samples. Enter the barcode on the tube or plate sequencing order editor along with the other details of your sample and sequencing reaction conditions. Once you checkout the order, the list of available (unused) barcodes in your possession will automatically be associated with (or, therefore, 'activated' to) your account.

Please note that you can also give away these barcoded labels to your colleagues or other team members for use in their sample submission. The list of unused barcodes will then be activated into their account as well. To rephrase, the list of available barcodes will automatically appear in his/her (as well as in your) sequencing dashboard when a colleague borrows a barcoded label from you to submit his/her sample.

B5 B5b


Step 3: Add Barcodes in Your Online Order

Go to the tube submission page and type in the barcode number in the barcode column for each tube.  For plates, enter the free barcode as the plate name, by typing it into the excel sheet name tab. Barcode Order Page Screenshot

When the samples arrive, our sequencing lab will scan your barcode.  Afterwards, all the free barcodes in your envelope will be visible on your Sequencing Dashboard.


Step 4: View Free Barcode Usage Online

The list of available barcodes will be updated in the Sequencing Dashboard after the samples are submitted online, by you or your colleagues.  Check the "Free Barcodes" tab on this page to view and monitor barcodes. 

If other colleagues submit barcodes from the same group, both parties will be "shared" with these barcodes.  Sharing means that both parties have access and oversight on the barcodes.  Both parties can view all information in the Free Barcode tab of the Sequencing Dashboard.

You can monitor the available free barcode labels associated directly or indirectly with your account under the Free Barcodes tabs in the Sequencing Daahboard.

Barcodes In Dashboard

Ensure that you re-order the barcoded labels well ahead of time when you are running low on the number of availbale barcodes.