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Research and Development Services

Eurofins offers R&D expertise and support for academic, government and commercial laboratories across broad range of molecular applications, including DNA and RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, endpoint and real-time PCR assay design and validation, Next-generation sequencing (NGS) services with the Ion Torrent S5 platform and customized genotyping solutions using a spectrum of industry leading platforms.

Available Services

  • Nucleic acid extraction including silica or magnetic bead based DNA / RNA isolation from BSL-2 level and below plant and animal tissues.
  • cDNA synthesis using either poly-A or random hexamer primers.
  • Custom PCR assay development for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) or Microsatellites (SSRs).
  • Custom genetic ID panel development using DNA barcodes and genome edited or biotech trait detection in plants.
  • Next-gen sequencing services leveraging the integrated Ion Torrent S5 and Ion Chef systems, from customized rental machine-hours to customized panel development.
  • Custom genotyping services and panel design using platforms such as the Array Tape Platform (ATP), amplicon-based Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS), Axiom genotyping and Illumina bead array systems.


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