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Eurofins Genomics has an extensive, global network of sequencing couriers. These couriers pickup samples daily from local dropboxes. They are typically used in high density areas. The system is designed to empower sequencing so they spend less time shipping and more time in the lab.

Send us an email at to ask about setting up a courier in your local area. We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience in sequencing. The approval process for new couriers depends on the volume of sequencing reactions picked up each day. If you love our sequencing service but do not qualify for a courier route, spread the word! All it takes is a few more labs to get onboard and Eurofins Genomics will happily support your area with a courier.

Request a Courier

A courier is a driver that picks up sequencing samples and is responsible for delivering the samples to our lab.   The driver follows a designated route each day, picking up samples from each dropbox along the way.   Samples are placed in the dropboxes located along the route before the cutoff time.


How does it work?

The courier driver follows a designed route each day, picking up samples from boxes located across a campus, city, or cluster of labs. The high population density and close proximity of boxes are what make a courier feasible because the daily sample volume is high enough to cover the additive cost of the driver. A dropbox can be located anywhere, although most are placed in public places which are easily accessible, such as a lobby, loading dock, mail room, or other shared space.




  • No shipping labels required. The driver carries shipping supplies in their vehicle and consolidates all samples into one envelope to mail at the end of their route.
  • Convenient. Dropping samples in a box saves time. It is a quick and easy solution for sequencing users looking to submit samples regularly.
  • Regular pickup time. ost couriers pickup samples daily, Monday through Friday. There are exceptions where a courier may be scheduled to pickup once a week, or certain days of the week.
  • Each box has a cutoff time. Samples must be placed in the dropbox prior to the cutoff in order to be picked up that day.
  • Watch for email notifications in case there are service outages due to extreme weather or emergencies.


Step by Step Directions for Submitting in a Dropbox

1. Print your order confirmation page.

After completing your online order, print the order confirmation page from your internet browser.


2. Prepare Samples

More details can be found on the sample submission guidelines page and help page.

View sample submission guidelines


3. Drop off

Place your samples, and the order confirmation print out, inside a ziplock bag or other suitable container. It is important that you include the order details printout with your sample bag, since all sample bags will be consolidated into one envelope.

Drop your sample bag into the local dropbox. No shipping envelope is needed. You should place the bag, with your samples and order details, directly into the box. The cutoff time for dropping off samples is different for each location.

View nearby dropboxes and cutoff time


4. Pickup

All samples inside the dropbox are picked up daily, by either a courier or local consolidator. All sample bags are consolidated into one envelope and shipped overnight to our sequencing lab.