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We have designed the Group Adminstration tool with a view to reduce the amount of time spent by you performing routine adminstrative tasks or spend your valuable time placing orders and sharing sequencing results. This tool is designed to improve your buying and sharing experience when you order goods and services from Eurofins Genomics. The benefits of the group admin tool include:

  • Easy and hassle-free ordering experience for you (and, where appropriate, members of your group).
  • Easy sharing of account history, sequencing data*, Stored Primers*, and other order/account related information.
  • Allows for your students or other colleagues to create and place orders under your account, while limiting their access to your other details if you so choose.
  • Reduces the time and effort spent by you on tracking orders and expenses incurred by you and your colleagues when using co-investigator grant funds or other similar situations.

You can create your groups based on your requirements. The e-commerce system will automatically create a EVOcard usergroup when you place an order for EVOcard. Besides the EVOcard group, you can create other groups to share sequencing results or your order history.

Go to your group admin page.


Groups Main

Create Groups

Anyone with an account can create a group.  Also, purchasing an EVOcard will automatically create a group connected to your account. 

Groups Add

Add Members to Groups

Users can add other members to their group by typing in their username and setting their access level.

Groups Share

Share Resources

Groups are used for sharing sequencing primers, EVOcards and more.





Groups FAQ

The following guidelines provide a quick and brief overview of the features of the Group Admin tool. Some of the features, specifically, those related to DNA sequencing, will be included in a subsequent release.

How to create a group?
There are two different types of groups that share similar features. One group is the user created group to share sequencing results, primers and other account details. To create one such group, go to 'My Groups' tabs on the 'My accounts' page. Provide a name, add a description to the group, and hit 'Create Group'. The second type of the group is the auto-generated group that is created when you order an EVOcard. Initially, you will be sole member of the EVOcard usergroup. The name of the group will contain the name of the EVOcard as described by you during the purchase of the EVOcard. You will be able to access this group under 'My Groups' on the 'My Accounts' page or in the EVOcard page.

How to invite other members to a group?
To invite members to your EVOcard usergroup or Sequencing group, you must be the administrator of the group. Under the Administrator tab, enter the login name of the member you would like to invite to the group. Currently, Eurofins Genomics does not identify email adresses as login name. Please note that only people who have an account on can be invited. An email will be sent to the invitee and he/she will be included in the group.

How to remove members from a group?
Students graduate. Scientists change jobs. To prevents members from using your resources once they no longer belong to your group, you can removes them from your groups. To remove members from your EVOcard usergroup or Sequencing group, you must be the administrator of the group. Under the Administrator tab, click on the remove link aginst the name of the person you want to remove from the group.
How to share information and/or resources with other members?
Members of the group can individually choose what they would like to share with the other members of the group. For example, as an administrator, you would like your students to have access to the results of the sequencing projects or access to the Sequecing primers stored specifically for you, while not providing them access to your account history; you can do so by clicking on the appropriate boxes under the options tab in the My Group section. Similarly, your students or colleagues might want to share the results of the sequencing data with you. They can choose the appropriate items in the options. In case of EVOcards, when you invite members to the EVOcard usergroup, you will allow them to order goods and services from using the EVOcard.
How to change the owner of the group?
An owner can allow a member of the group to become the owner of the group. To reliquish the ownership of a group, choose a new member to become the owner in the administration tab. When you reliquish your ownership, you will not be able to
1) delete the group
2) Change the owner of the group.
My team member has shared her stored primers with me. However, I do not see her primers in my dropdowns in the order editor. What do i need to do?
You will need to visit the 'My primers' page and transfer the desired primers into the my favorite primers box. Once in the 'My Favorite Primers' box, these primers will appear in the dropdown.
How do i identify group orders from my individual orders?
After you open your order history, go to Advanced orders and select the name of the group in the Group dropdown box to have the group orders marked with the group icon.