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Templates with G/C-rich content, difficult secondary structures, homopolymeric sequences, tandem repeat stretches, bisulfite-treated DNA, shRNA, or other difficult-to-sequence areas often need specialized reaction conditions to ensure quality results. The Power Read DNA sequencing service is particularly recommended for difficult templates such as those listed.


Important: The Power Read service includes an optimization of template concentration, and subsequent reaction with our proprietary Power Read method, to maximize the success of the DNA read. If, for any reason, the first reaction is unsuccessful, we analyze the results and review reaction parameters prior to performing a second DNA sequencing run.

Additional Benefits of the Power Read Service

  • Individualized scientific consultation for your specific DNA sequencing needs
  • Quantitation and adjustment of DNA template to optimize the reaction
  • Power Read chemistry to increase read length with your difficult template
  • A second DNA sequencing reaction, if needed
  • Excess template storage for 30 days
  • Technical review of DNA sequencing results