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Plasmid Verification Services

Confirm your plasmid constructs faster, more accurately and more affordably than ever before. Small and large constructs can now have the entire plasmid sequence done in a matter of days instead of weeks, without the hassle of having to design and synthesize primers. Eurofins uses a customized next-generation sequencing process to exceed the limitations, accuracy, and sensitivity of primer walking projects using Sanger sequencing techniques. Our quality-focused process uses unique molecular barcodes assigned to each sample to assure proper sample identification.  Our bio-informatics pipeline provides accurate data assembly compared to a reference sequence, variant calling, and allele frequencies.

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*Minimum of 8-24 samples


  • Fast TAT compared to traditional primer walking techniques
  • Lower cost than traditional primer walking techniques
  • Verification of the entire vector sequence
  • Verify large plasmid constructs and large number of samples without impacting turnaround time.
  • No designing or purchasing of sequencing primers
  • Sequence assembly provided
  • Comprehensive report with variations from reference sequence and allele frequencies.

Service Details

  • DNA only. Please provide 200ng in 20ul.
  • Reference sequence for plasmid and construct required.
  • Minimum of 24 samples in 96-well format required in most cases, 8 if we are currently doing a run.
  • Sequencing for plasmids up to 50kb
  • Turnaround time depends on the size and number of samples. 


No Bioinformatics

  1. Run Summary/ Sequencing Results file
  2. Demultiplexed fastq files

With Bioinformatics 

  1. Sequencing Results file
  2. Analysis Statistics file
  3. Variant Results file
  4. Consensus sequence fasta file
  5. Coverage Plots (upon request)
  6. Demultiplexed fastq files (upon request)

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Submission / Shipping Guidelines

  • Send samples in 96-well full skirted or semi-skirted PCR plates.
  • Ensure that your plate is tightly sealed to prevent sample cross-contamination. Avoidance of cross-contamination is essential.  NGS will identify sequences in very low quantities.  We recommend using heat seals or well-fitting strip caps.
  • Include a hard copy of the submission form with your samples.
  • Ship samples overnight. The address will be found in the submission form.
  • Send electronic copy of the submission form and reference sequence file to Also include a copy of the quote and payment information. Missing information may delay your project
  • Ship samples to:

    Eurofins Genomics
    Applied Genomics - Plasmid Sequencing Services
    12701 Plantside Drive
    Louisville, KY 40299

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*Minimum of 24 samples in most cases, 8 if we are currently doing a run.