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Our state-of-the-art manufacturing reagent delivery system and use of alternative solvents reduces chemical and petro chemical consumption while decreasing the risk of hazardous spills.


We co-process our waste chemicals which ensures complete thermal destruction of these chemicals, but also replaces fossil fuels used by our co-processing partners.


Our recycling program utilizes a select vendor to use our waste as power for their cement kilns, which recovers the energy and mineral components in a waste-free process.

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Our carbon footprint has been vastly reduced by use of recycled and recyclable paper, bio-degradable plastics, vegetable based inks, and smartly designed packaging options for our eco-friendly Marketing materials.

We have chosen to reuse the large, bulk chemical containers in our facility. This greatly lowers the amount of glass and other non-reusable matter associated with large scale products within our shipping & receiving departments.

We have commited our office areas to be a recycle-friendly area with plenty of bins and receptacles for papers, plastics, cans, and glass.

We also recycle the shipping boxes and other packaging we receive.

Reducing Our Footprint

Eurofins Genomics’ recently launched a new oligonucleotide synthesis platform which has made the synthesis process ‘greener’ and has changed the perception of cost and speed in everyday research.  Early estimates project that the new synthesis technology will reduce chemical consumption by 60%.

Scientists at Eurofins Genomics conceived the new platform with a view to bridge the gap in the marketplace between traditional synthesizers that generated oligonucleotides efficiently, but at a larger scale than required for several applications, and the chip-based synthesizers that generate bulk quantities of oligonucleotides, suited primarily for synthetic biology field, but often require rather expensive and time consuming post-process purifications.

Since the launch of the new synthesis platform, operations have noticed a significant reduction in the consumption of chemicals. Speaking about this, Dr. Philipp Wenter said, “We noticed that on the new synthesis platform we can reduce the volume of the solid support column (which determines the synthesis scale), by 20- and 40-fold without any loss in oligo quality. Moreover, efficient dispensing of small volumes of reagents in a rapid and controlled manner further facilitates reduced reagent consumption. When synthesizing oligos at the 4 nmol synthesis scale, we have noticed a reduction in the phosphoramidite consumption by a range of 50-70% when compared to that used by the traditional platform. Similar reductions are also observed in the solvent consumption.”

Speaking to the ‘green’ initiative, Sumit Gupta, President, Eurofins Genomics US said, “While the primary objective of the synthesizer is to generate high-quality oligos rapidly and reliably, the ‘green’ aspect of the synthesizer is very much in alignment with our corporate values. Besides this, we have also initiated other projects, including e-billing and compact invoices to further reduce the impact of our environmental footprint.”


Switch to E-invoicing

To further cut down on our environmental impact, we switched to e-invoicing instead of paper billing. All accounts will automatically be switched over to e-invoicing, unless you opt out.  E-invoices will be sent to the email address in your billing address. To avoid any interruptions in your service, please make sure that email address goes to the correct person.

Receiving Email Invoices

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to your Address Book (main navigation> resources> my account> address book)
  3. Check that this email address on your BILLING ADDRESS goes to the correct person, such as a PI, purchasing manager, or the appropriate person at your organization

Receiving Paper invoices

If you wish to continue receiving paper statements, you must turn this setting on in your account settings.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to your account settings (link is in top right corner)
  3. Open the tab named "Update Contact"
  4. Check the box next to "Send Paper Invoice(s)"
  5. Click update