Eurofins Scientific thrives off diversity. With tens of thousands of employees spread over fifty countries, the organization inherently brings together people of different backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures.

Although large in size, our organizational structure is largely decentralized. Eurofins Scientific is more of a network of laboratories than a single company. Each entity is instilled with a deeply rooted sense of autonomy, which further augments diversity of thought, perspective, and scientific expertise. Diversity goes beyond skin color, gender, or background. It is internal and external. Eurofins Scientific fosters an inclusive workplace and strives to nurture a sense of belonging, respect, and value for all employees.

Leadership Team

Eurofins Genomics, as part of the Eurofins network, seeks out thought leaders in their field to foster innovative thinking and fuel strategic activity.


Sumit Gupta
Vikram Kannappan
Operations and Logistics Director
James Corne
VP of Marketing

Matthew Yarger
Director of Operations