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Simplified Directions for Submitting Samples

Sample type Size Category Length Concentration Min volume Price per sample
Linear/Amplicon Standard 600 bp - 25 kb 30 ng/uL ≥10 uL $15
Big 25 - 125 kb 50 ng/uL ≥20 uL $30

 *Eurofins Genomics uses the fragmentation (sequencing adapter attachment) method, not the ligation method, for library preparation.


Information about Linear / Amplicon Sequencing

Oxford Nanopore technology represents a paradigm shift in the field of genomic sequencing, and its application to amplicon sequencing has yielded profound benefits. At the heart of this innovation is the principle of single-molecule sequencing, which distinguishes it from traditional methods and imparts several advantages.

Amplicon sequencing, a technique focused on the targeted amplification of specific DNA regions, benefits significantly from the long-read capabilities of Oxford Nanopore sequencing. Unlike short-read technologies, such as those based on Illumina platforms, Oxford Nanopore sequencing generates reads of exceptional length. This feature is particularly advantageous for amplicon sequencing, as it enables the sequencing of entire target regions in a single, contiguous read. This characteristic is instrumental in resolving complex genomic regions, repetitive sequences, and structural variations, which are often challenging for short-read technologies to accurately capture.

Moreover, the real-time data acquisition capability of Oxford Nanopore sequencing provides researchers with the unique ability to monitor the sequencing process and turnaround results quickly. The versatility of Oxford Nanopore technology further extends to its adaptability for various sample types, including complex environmental samples or low-input DNA samples. This flexibility is crucial for amplicon sequencing applications where the quality and quantity of starting material may vary. The technology's ability to generate high-quality data from limited input DNA opens avenues for exploring diverse biological samples and extends the applicability of amplicon sequencing to a broader range of research domains.

Our linear/amplicon sequencing service is designed for the meticulous sequencing of clonal linear DNA ranging from 600 bp to 125 kb in length. Employing the cutting-edge long-read sequencing technology by Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT), this service encompasses the following key components:

  • Creation of an amplification-free long-read sequencing library utilizing the latest v14 library prep chemistry. This process ensures minimal fragmentation of the linear input DNA in a sequence-independent manner.
  • Primer-free sequencing of the library using the highly accurate R10.4.1 flow cells. Raw data, boasting an accuracy exceeding 99%, is meticulously delivered in .fastq format.
  • Reconstruction of raw reads and their alignment against each other to generate a linear consensus sequence with a high degree of accuracy.

In a vast majority of cases, the turnaround time for linear/amplicon sequencing is the same as whole plasmid sequencing, which typically delivers results the same day the samples arrive at the lab. Our commitment is to provide you with precise, efficient, and timely insights into your genetic data.


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