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“It was good and convenient service. The sequencing results were great. I could just drop off the samples in the same building where I work. The results were very fast also, only one day." ★★★★★

- D. Prakoso

SimpleSeq wraps all your Sanger sequencing needs into a convenient little package. Each SimpleSeqTM kit includes the sequencing service for 96 sequencing reactions; so you can submit samples for all 96 sequencing reactions at once or submit as low as one sample at a time. The sequencing results will be available for download by noon the day after shipping the sample.


  • Prepaid sequencing kit that is extremely convenient for both your budget and lab processes. 
  • All supplies are provided with the kit, including tubes, barcodes, prepaid shipping labels and more.
  • Easy to share kits with other users.
  • Full visibility and traceability for all users sharing a kit by using the sequencing dashboard.
  • FlexReads can be used with any kit, no restrictions, so there are no more leftover tubes.

Combining SimpleSeq with FlexReads

FlexReads and FlexPacks are prepaid, flexible reactions that can be used with any SimpleSeq kit. Since many people submit SimpleSeq tubes with multiple reactions in each tube, their kit reactions run out before their tubes are exhausted.  With FlexReads, you can continue using your SimpleSeq tubes.New -flow

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  • Kits are automatically activated when shipped and viewable in your Sequencing Dashboard.

  • Kits are automatically shared when distributing tubes

  • Webless kits appear on the buyer's account and order history.

Sequencing is better shared. That is why SimpleSeq kits are so easy to share, activate, and use. For instance, kits are automatically activated when shipped so no manual activation step is required. Also, anyone who submits a tube from a kit will be automatically ‘shared’ with that kit. Shared users can view the kit from their sequencing dashboard. The dashboard provides full transparency of who is using each and every tube and reaction in the kit.

  1. Kits are automatically activated when shipped now. There is no more need to manually activate a kit using the kit barcode.
  2. Kits are shareable. Barcoded tube orders can be submitted from anyone. Once the order is submitted, the new user can view the kit on their sequencing dashboard. For Premixed kits, the owner must manually share the kit using the share control in the Sequencing Dashboard.
  3. The Sequencing Dashboard is your new hub for tracking, viewing and managing everything related to SimpleSeq. You can view how many reactions and barcodes are available on your account. Also, it is possible to view the submission details for each individual tube from a visual map of the kit.
  4. Reactions will no longer overflow from one kit to another. Meaning reactions from one kit cannot be used with tubes from another kit.
  5. FlexReads are virtual reactions that can be used with any kit. They are a flexible and cost-friendly alternative to reactivation and overflowing between kits, both of which led to tracking issues in the past. More information can be found in the FlexRead section.
  6. Free barcodes no longer require manual activation. They are automatically activated once you enter them on the tube sequencing submission page.
  7. Reactivation has been replaced by FlexReads.
  8. It is possible to assign a kit to another user, which removes the kit from your account and applies a new owner to the kit. This is valuable for purchasing managers and lab managers. They can purchase a kit, then assign it to the end user.
  9. SimpleSeq Webless has been changed to SimpleSeq Premixed. The specifications of the product are unchanged.
  10. SimpleSeq Premixed kits only appear on the buyer's account and order history.  If you wish to share results, please create a group for distributing premixed results.
  11. You can now assign and manually share a SimpleSeq Premixed kit with other users, using the Sequencing Dashboard controls.

Sharing Kits

Users can now quickly and easily share kits!  The person you wish to share with only needs to submit tube barcodes from your kit in an order and our system will automatically sync and share data between you both.  Alternatively, users can manually share a kit from the sequencing dashboard page.




Walkthrough for SimpleSeq

NOTE: SimpleSeq no longer requires manual activation. 

At the request of customers, we are happy to announce that SimpleSeq will now automatically activate to your account upon shipment.



Step SimpleSeq SimpleSeq Premixed


Step 1

Order Kit

Both standard and premixed kits can be ordered on this page.

1.  You must be logged in.

2.  Order the SimpleSeq Kit (Standard or Premixed) using the control on the sidebar to the right.Simple Seq -ordering -control -v3



Step 2

Use Kit

Submit tube order online

1. Login to your account and go to the Sequencing order page,

2. Enter the barcode located on the side of your SimpleSeq tube into the "No. Barcode" field.  If the barcode is typed incorrectly or invalid, you may see an error message.

3. Fill in the other required fields.

4. In the cart, your SimpleSeq reactions go into our system at no cost.

Premixed Kits do not require online submission

SimpleSeq Premixed does not use the online order page.  It will not allow barcodes from premixed kits.  Please skip this step for premixed kits.



Step 3


Mail Your Samples

1. Print a copy of your online order and attach it to your order.

2. Prepare your samples in tubes and load them into the same shipping envelope. For more information on preparing samples, go to the Sample Submissions Guideline.

3.  After defining the reaction, please drop them at a Eurofins Genomics dropbox (when available) or ship them from any nearby UPS dropbox. Digital shipping labels are available when you checkout and are free on a vast majority of orders.

Mail Your Samples

To use the premixed kit, load your 'premixed' samples in the barcoded tubes and ship the samples to us. You do not need to submit the details of your samples submitted in the tubes from SimpleSeq Premixed kit online.

1) Prepare independent, aqueous solutions of template and primer at the concentrations listed below.

2) Add template (5 μL) and primer (5 µL) to each SimpleSeqTM tube (total volume = 10 µL).

3) Place tubes into a blue bag (supplied with the SimpleSeqTM kit) or custom ZipLock bags. Drop these samples at a Eurofins Genomics dropbox (when available) or ship them at any nearby UPS dropbox.



Tips & More Information

  • You can drop off samples at any UPS dropbox.
  • Digital shipping labels are available online, during checkout, when submitting tubes from a standard SimpleSeq Kits. These labels are free for a vast majority of orders, although it depends on the number of tubes.
  • A copy of the online order confirmation page must be enclosed with every shipment to ensure proper identification, tracking, and result retrieval.
  • An alternative option would be to submit your samples into a nearby dropbox, if one is located near you.
  • Results are typically received before noon the following day, via a secure online link in your account.
  • For general sample preparation guidelines, please refer to the sample preparation guidelines.

Table 1: Components of SimpleSeqTM kits

Kits Include Standard Kit
Premixed Kit
Free barcoded tubes 96 pcs 96 pcs
Shipping Envelopes Inquire 6
Shipping Labels 0 6
Barcodes (use on tubes for sending primers) 32 pcs 0


The SimpleSeqTM Premixed kit is suitable for the submission of ‘premixed’ samples and removes the hassle of online submission. The SimpleSeqTM Standard kit allows for flexible and multiple sample submission options. You can pipette a template for multiple sequencing reactions into one SimpleSeqTM Standard barcoded tube. We’ll keep track of the number of sequencing ‘reactions’ you use. You can use the remaining barcoded SimpleSeqTM Standard tubes by simply purchasing flexpacks. The features of the two services are compared in table 2.

Table 2: Comparison of the SimpleSeqTM services

Features Standard Premixed
96-Sequencing reactions
Results delivered by noon, even on Sat. (no additional fee)  ✔
Website Interactions
Online results storage  ✔*
User-friendly interface to manage/track inventory    ✔
Skip online submission  x  ✔
Online reaction submission and barcode reactivation    x
Sample submission and sequencing reaction options
Submit ‘premixed’ samples    ✔
Upgrade to power-read sequencing chemistry (additional fee)    x
Free standard primers    x
Custom primer synthesis (additional fee    x
Template for multiple sequencing reactions in one tube    x
Separate primer and template submission    x

Note: that the flexible sample submission options allows you to submit samples for more than 96 sequencing reactions using SimpleSeqTM standard kit; however, additional fees will apply for every read after 96 sequencing reactions.  

*Webless results post to the buyer's account. For instance if a purchasing manager orders the premixed kit, your results will appear in their order history. However, you can create a group to enable results sharing to other users.

In summary, if you want to submit only ‘premixed’ samples, the SimpleSeqTM Premixed kit, which removes even the hassle of online submission, is the kit for you. If you want to avail the multiple benefits of flexible sample submission options, the SimpleSeqTM Standard kit and service, with flexible multiple options is what you need. We provide rapid overnight results for your sample, irrespective of the type of SimpleSeqTM kit used, shipped from anywhere in US, including Alaska and Hawaii, for the same low price!

Safe & Secure Sample Processing

  • Barcode scanned entries enabled
  • Verification of typed barcode entries
  • Barcode tracking of all samples throughout our process
  • LIMS workflow managed with Geospiza GeneSifterTM software
  • When submitted for a single reaction, no tube transfers ensure direct template-to-results correlation

Every step of the order entry process is validated to ensure that your order can be processed quickly and accurately—virtually eliminating the possibility of sample ID typos. Once your sample is received, Geospiza GeneSifter™ Lab Edition integrates your online order entry with each laboratory step and transfers results information for quality review and secure online retrieval by the same account that placed the order.

Eco-Friendly packaging

We use recyclable and/or recycled materials in our all of our packaging, marketing materials, and products. Look for the green recycling symbol on each product package for details.

  • Paperless sample submission—no need to print an order form
  • Recycled/recyclable shipping & packaging materials
  • Rack Recycling Program

When the rack is empty you can reuse it, send it to a local recycling center that accepts polypropylene, or return the racks to us for recycling.

Eurofins Genomics,
Rack Recycling Program 12701,
Plantside  Drive, Louisville, KY, 40299

Terms & Conditions for Prepaid Items

  1. Prepaid DNA sequencing reactions can only be redeemed online at the website. No email or paper orders can be accepted for redemption of prepaid DNA sequencing reactions.
  2. Prepaid DNA sequencing reactions are standard DNA sequencing reactions only and cannot be redeemed or traded for Power Read, Large Clone, or Primer Walking reactions.
  3. SimpleSeq kits include the purchase of 96 prepaid sequencing reactions, and you will receive 96 2D bar-coded tubes for use in redeeming your reactions. These tubes are for use in submitting templates only. Primers cannot be submitted in these tubes.
  4. Prepaid DNA sequencing reactions can only be redeemed by using the 2D bar-coded tubes mentioned above for template submission.
  5. SimpleSeq kits and Prepaid plates come with 96 prepaid sequencing reactions each.  How these reactions are used and redeemed differs per product.
  6. For SimpleSeq, tubes remaining after all prepaid reactions have been redeemed can be used to purchase additional tube DNA sequencing reactions at the prepaid price. 
  7. Prepaid plates must be submitted at one time including all reactions.  If less than the total number of reactions, 96, is submitted, the remaining reactions are forfeited by the purchaser.
  8. You may redeem multiple reactions in a single tube or well (e.g. forward and reverse primer).
  9. After all prepaid reactions have been redeemed, the remaining 2D bar-coded tubes cannot be used for no-charge redemption of prepaid reactions. Additional purchases are required for use of these remaining tubes.
  10. All sales of prepaid DNA sequencing reactions are final. No refunds can be given for unused reactions or plates.
  11. 2D barcode labeled tubes and barcoded plates for prepaid DNA sequencing reactions cannot be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen.
  12. A minimum number of reactions is required for submitting prepaid plates. The minimum requirement is the same as all sequencing plates and set by the lab and updated periodically.
  13. All prepaid items expire after 3 years. 
  14. Free barcodes do not expire. 


Choose the tool that fits your needs!

Compare SimpleSeq and SimpleSeq Premixed below. Both guarantee results delivered the next morning, 96 reactions under 1 P.O., and you can submit tubes in any quantity at any time.

  Simple Seq -Premixed -Logo -for -web Simple Seq -Logo -for -web  
  • Premix your sequencing then ship
  • No web submissions required
  • 1 premixed reaction per tube
  • Results limited to buyer's account

Bottom line: best for customers that prefer to premix their samples and save cost.

  • Submit samples online through the sequencing tube submission page.
  • Submit template for multiple reactions in 1 tube
  • Full service or premixed reactions
  • Free standard primers

Bottom line: Most flexible and has better options for difficult templates.



Flex Read Logos _JSC_v 5 Done


FlexReads or 'Flexible' reads is implemented to give you more freedom when submitting samples using the SimpleSeqTM standard kit and replaces the process of 'reactivation'—wherein you had to call our customer service representative to manually 'reactivate' the barcode labels of your unused SimpleSeqTM tubes. FlexReads is a virtual product that can only be used only with SimpleSeqTM Standard kits. You can track its usage through your sequencing dashboard.


  • 1-11 reactions needed - the system will automatically add the exact number of reactions needed to the cart, instead of requiring a phone call to "reactivate" an old tube.
  • >11 reactions needed - the system will automatically add a FlexPack to the cart. FlexPack sizes include 12, 24, 48, 96


When can I use FlexReads:

When you have fewer SimpleSeq tubes than the number of sequencing reations you require. Consider that you have four unused SimpleSeq tubes with you and 4 unused reactions. Moreover, you have four plasmids that need to be sequenced and would like to run 8 sequencing reactions, two sequencing reactions for each template. You can then load up your samples into four tubes (amount sufficient for 2 sequencing rxns), order us to use the free standard primers and submit the order. You will automatically be charged for the 4 extra reads - these will appear as FlexReads on your order summary.    

You can also purchase these FlexReads prior to placing a sequencing order. The tally of your FlexReads in the sequencing dashboard will be incremented with the number of FlexReads or the quantity of the FlexPack you have purchased. Subsequently, when you assemble you samples in the tubes from the SimpleSeqTM Standard kit, and place the order, you not be charged until the SimpleSeq rxns and FlexReads are consumed.   

Please note that these FlexReads are not tied to a specific barcodes of the SimpleSeq standard kit; these FlexReads can be used any SimpleSeq Standard Kit.

Order FlexReads & Info