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LNA Probes

Dual Labeled Probes with locked nucleic acids

LocNA probes and primers contain Locked Nucleic Acid bases which improves the stability and performance of qPCR assays. These modified bases provide a 2'-O, 4'-C methylene bridge which effectively "locks" the 2' oxygen to the 4' carbon. LocNA probes and primers are the optimal choice when designing highly-specific, shorter probes with challenging target sequences. This novel approach has opened up a broad range of possibilities for researchers working in qPCR.


  • Greater stability in assays.
  • Higher performance in assays.
  • Allows for more flexibility and possibilities when working on challenging target sequences.
  • Especially effective in target regions with a low GC percentage, AKA shorter target sequences.
  • Enhanced accuracy, SNP, and hybridization.


  • Sequence length from 5 - 40 bases
  • Up to 15 LocNA bases per probe are possible
  • Only DNA bases are allowed at the 5' and 3' end
  • HPLC purified by default
  • Delivered lyophilized (dry down) or concentration adjusted in tubes
  • Production takes 5 working days
  • QC report incl. ESI
  • Average synthesis yields of 15 nmole resp. 2 OD

Ordering Options

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Available dye-quencher combinations:

*Contact us for custom probe projects not shown below.

5' Reporter Abs [nm] Em [nm] 3' Quencher
495 520 TAM, BHQ1, TQ2
521 536 TAM, BHQ1
520 548 TAM, BHQ1, TQ2
535 556 BHQ1, BHQ2, TQ2, TQ3
Cyanine3 [Cy3]
552 570 BHQ1, BHQ2
575 602 BHQ2, TQ3
Texas Red [TxRed]
583 603 BHQ2, TQ3
Cal Fluor 590 [CalFluor590]
569 606 BHQ2
Cal Fluor Red 610 [CalFluor610]
590 610 BHQ2
ATTO 647N [ATTO647N]
644 669 BHQ2
Cyanine5 [Cy5]
649 670 BHQ2, TQ3



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