Primer and Probe Kit for SalivaDirectTM

The SalivaDirectTM kit contains all necessary primer and probe sets (2019-nCoV_N1 and RP) developed by the CDC and validated for SalivaDirectTM. The package will contain 6 tubes in total, of probes and primers. More information.

A critical factor in ramping up COVID-19 testing is access to testing, the speed of the test, and the reliability of the test. The nasopharyngeal swab, or nasal swab, became the standard early in the outbreak due to its accuracy and reliability. However, it is uncomfortable which discourages people from testing regularly. The SalivaDirectTM kit offers a more convenient method for COVID-19 testing without sacrificing the accuracy of test results.


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1. 12YS-010YST SalivaDirectTM primer/probe set - 12.500 reactions - v1 - FAM / Cy5 multiplex

Contains N1 primers+FAM probe, and Rnase P primers+Cy5 probe


2. 12YS-010YS2 SalivaDirectTM primer/probe set - 12.500 reactions - v2 - FAM singleplex

Contains N1 primers+FAM probe, and Rnase P primers+FAM probe


3. 12YS-010YS3 SalivaDirectTM primer/probe set - 12.500 reactions - v3 - HEX RP multiplex

Contains N1 primers+FAM probe, and Rnase P primers and HEX probe


4. 12YS-010YS4 SalivaDirectTM primer/probe set - 12.500 reactions - v4 – TriPlex

Contains N1 primers+FAM probe, Rnase P primers+Cy5 Probe, ORF primers+HEX probe


All kits contain 6 tubes, including 2 probes and 4 primers, normalized in TE Buffer, enough for 12,500 reactions

Process Flow

SalivaDirectTM follows a similar PCR process as the nasal swab with one key difference: the sample is taken from the patient's mouth instead of the nasal cavity. Questions and More information on the test.


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    • This is not a COVID-19 test kit. The products covered on this page are reagents that can be used by a research organization or testing lab to develop their own COVID-19 test.