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Plasmid Preparation

Plasmid Preparation Services

Eurofins Genomics Plasmid DNA Maxi Preparation Services provide high quality plasmid with reliable and fast turnaround times to accommodate tight deadlines. We offer prep sizes of your plasmids at microgram to milligram scales. Speed, flexibility, and quality of DNA obtained are critical factors for any plasmid purification service. Our research-grade production facility provides the flexibility needed to offer competitive pricing and rapid turnaround times while still maintaining the quality our clients expect. We offer both standard/transfection grade and endotoxin free options to choose from. Standard/transfection grade preps are rated to have endotoxin levels less than or equal to 1 EU/ug of plasmid DNA. endotoxin free preps are rated to have endotoxin levels less than or equal to 0.025 EU/ug of plasmid. You are assured the highest quality with A260/A280 and A260/A230 values greater than 1.8. We estimate about 3-5 days to complete your Maxi prep. We start with a streak out of the original glycerol stock of the plasmid, and begin the prep with an isolated colony. This assures the highest quality Maxi prep, by using a fresh colony to begin the process. We also sequence confirm the identity of the plasmid before shipping out to you.

DNA amount options:

Midi* Maxi* Giga*
100ug 500ug 3mg
  1mg 5mg

Plasmid preparation is selected while placing a gene order online.


Express Service Available

Under a tight deadline? Express Service can be requested for any gene! When you order with Eurofins Genomics, Turnaround time is dependent on size and complexity of your gene. For non complex genes under 2.7Kb, request an automatic quote for express service via our secure website. Learn more about how to order or contact our Customer Service team for details and quotes for larger and/or complex genes.