List Price - Sequencing Services


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Standard Sequencing Services
Tube* $ 8.35
No Barcode Handling fee (tubes)* $ 2.50
96-well Plate (1-9 plates) $ 5.00
ShortSeq Plate (Premix Samples only)—formerly Express Plates** $ 252/plate ($ 2.62/read for 96 samples)
Ready2Load Plate (Post 'BigDye reaction' Samples)** $99/plate ($ 1.03/read for 96 samples)
Difficult Template Reads
Power Read Upgrade, Sample in Tube* $ 4.00/Read
Power Read Upgrade, Samples in 96-well Plate $ 4.00/Read
Shipping Supplies
Digital Shipping Label $12 / Free (depending on order size)
Overnight Shipping Kit (no shipping labels, only envelopes and barcodes) $12
Barcode Labels Free (<3 day delivery)
SimpleSeqTM Sequencing Service
SimpleSeqTM Kit (96 reactions included) $ 528.00/Kit ($5.50/read)

SimpleSeqTM Kit Premixed - 96 rxns

$ 475.00/Kit
($4.94/ read)
Power Read Upgrade for SimpleSeqTM sequencing service $ 4.00/Read
FlexReads (formerly, reactivation fees for SimpleSeqTM tubes) $ 5.00/read)
FlexPacks (all sizes) $ 5.00/read
Prepaid Services for Samples in Plates
Prepaid PlateSeq for purified DNA $ 262.00
Prepaid PlateSeq for crude PCR Product $ 328.00
Other Services
Plasmid Prep or PCR Cleanup- Samples in Tubes $ 5.25
Plasmid Prep - Samples in Plate $ 242/plate
PCR Cleanup - Samples in Plate $ 197/plate
Primer Synthesis & Storage $ 8.50
Primer Design, Synthesis & Storage $ 15.00


Turnaround Times for Sequencing Services

Turnaround time may vary based on the size and complexity of the order. Typical Turnaround Times for our Sequencing Services using the Sanger Method using standard conditions:



Sequencing Service Specifications Sample Container Delivery of Sequence Data
Standard tubes Tube(s) 12:00 pm next day
Ready2Load Plate Sequencing (≥95 samples) 96-well plate(s) 12:00 pm next day
ShortSeq Plate sequencing (≥94 samples + 2 controls) 96-well plate(s) 12:00 pm next day
Standard read, up to 188 sequencing reactions (2 controls wells/Plate) 96-well plate(s) 12:00 pm next day
Standard read, 188–940 sequencing reactions (2 control wells/Plate) ≤48 hrs
Standard read, >940 sequencing reactions (2 control wells/Plate) ≤72 hrs
Fragment Analysis - Ready2Load, <480 sequencing reactions (2 control wells/Plate) 96-well Plate(s) ≤72 hrs


The table below describes the increase in the turnaround time from the times listed above for the samples when additional services are selected.

Sequencing Service Specification Sample Container Delivery of Sequence Data
PCR Purification Tube(s)/96-well Plate(s) +1 Day
Plasmid RCA Tube(s)/96-well Plate(s) +1 Day
Primer Synthesis Tube(s)/96-well Plate(s) +1 Day
Power Read Upgrade Tube(s)/96-well Plate(s) +1 Day


Remember that free shipping is available for your samples and sequence results are delivered the following morning

Overnight Sequencing available for orders up to 192 standard sequencing reactions.
*Additional charges apply if Eurofins barcode labels are not used for tube submission.
**Lowest ShortSeq Plate Sequencing prices accurate for fully-loaded 96 well plates (94 reactions). please note that these prices are per plate.