Ordering Quantitative Analysis of Waste Water Samples Using qPCR

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Waste Water Test


Quantitative qPCR testing of waste water samples with standard curves. Contact us for volume pricing.

Waste Water Collection Kit


Kits are used to collect, barcode, and ship samples back to the lab. Each kit includes:

  • One shipping cooler and box 12x10”
  • Two ice packs
  • One absorbent pad
  • 125 mL Naglene Wide-Mouth HDPE Packaging Bottles with Closure for each sample
  • Biohazard bags for each sample
  • Parafilm square for each sample
  • One UN3373 Label (Biological Substance Category B) for shipping box
  • One 4 gallon plastic garbage bag
  • Barcode labels for each sample
  • One plastic bag for samples
  • One chain of custody form with barcode label in plastic bag

*For quotes, please specify the number of samples and frequency.

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