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The Need / for Speed

Researchers set up experiments based on the anticipation of materials arriving on time. Supply chain delays can disrupt lab work and set back timelines. With the pace of scientific research increasing and global supply chain slowing, a critical need has arisen for fast, reliable oligonucleotides to fuel the steady march of scientific progress. As the need for speed grew, we grew with it.

The turnaround time on Express Plates is 1-2 days. Express Plates are synthesized the same day the order is placed. If all the oligos pass on the first run, the plate ships the same day. If any oligos in the plate fail quality control, they are rerun the next day, then the order is shipped. In short, Express Plates are delivered in 1 day minimum, 2 day maximum. An expedited fee of $45 will be added to each plate. If the plate does not arrive on time, the express fee will be refunded.


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How We Meet the Need for Speed

The demand for high-throughput, quick-turnaround oligo plates has grown in response to shifts in research and funding. On the commercial side, life science companies compete in a high-pressure, high-stakes environment with tight timelines for product development. Procuring large amounts of highly-specific oligonucleotides at an accelerated rate has become critical to fuel progress. The "publish or perish" pressure of the academic world has always made speed important. However, a new era of qPCR-based research has emerged in the wake of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, narrowing the focus of the usually broad research sector, creating even greater competition. The race is on.

Eurofins Genomics has always been a customer-centric company, focused on advancing the needs of the scientific community. As the scientific community called for faster delivery, we allocated more operational capacity to fast-turnaround products, now through Express Plates. Express Plates are made possible by a combination of technology and logistics. Our proprietary synthesis technology produces oligos with a higher coupling efficiency and a shorter coupling time compared to other synthesis platforms, shortening the overall production time. Combine this with our logistical position next to the UPS hub and it equates to the fastest overall oligo on the planet. Plan your experiments with confidence, knowing that your oligos will arrive on time. 



Guaranteed / Delivery


Punctual Primers

Express Plates are prioritized during production and shipped overnight to ensure your time sensitive materials arrive ahead of schedule.



If your Express Plate order does not arrive on time, the express fee is removed or refunded, depending on the payment method.


Coupling Efficiency

Eurofins Genomics proprietary synthesis technology achieves a coupling efficiency as close to 100% as feasible.

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Super Oligos

Eurofins Genomics synthesizes the fastest DNA on the planet

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Terms / & Restrictions

Terms and Limitations

  • Cut-off time to place order is 3:00 pm ET..
  • Only allowed in the continental United States.
  • Length: 5–40 nts.
  • Synthesis scale: 25 nmole only.
  • Purification: Salt-free.
  • Normalization: Both dry and wet options available.
  • Bases: Standard bases (A, C, G, and T) only.
  • Maximum of 3 plates per order.
  • Minimum of 48 oligos per plate.
  • Mon-Fri, holidays excluded. Friday orders will be delivered the following Tuesday.


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