Eurofins Genomics and AmpTec Close Distribution Agreement for Very Long Synthetic RNAs

Joint expertise to provide custom services for in vitro transcribed (IVT) single-stranded (ss) and double-stranded (ds) RNAs and for functional synthetic mRNAs.

Jul. 1st, 2014

Eurofins Genomics, international market leader in genomic services, and AmpTec, internationally recognized provider of RNA technology products, have agreed on non-exclusively co-marketing AmpTec’s IVT-RNAs globally.

The co-marketing agreement for IVT ssRNAs, dsRNAs and mRNAs includes RNAs up to several thousand bases and a wide range of modifications. All nucleic acid products are offered at research grade in compliance with regulations of ISO13485 and at Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) grade on request, in order to assure highest product quality and regulatory compliance.

The partnership will deliver premium synthetic ssRNAs, dsRNAs and mRNAs that are widely used in a variety of applications from in vitro diagnostics of pathogens and detection of rare gene mutants to the rapidly growing field of companion diagnostics. Together, the two companies will serve an international market with their combined custom services for synthetic genes and for very long synthetic RNAs.

“The cooperation will allow us to broaden Eurofins’ portfolio with innovative nucleic acid products. By sharing best practices, clients will benefit from an unparalleled spectrum of custom services for IVT-RNAs, which in turn should fuel further market share growth for both partners.”, says Bruno Poddevin, Senior Vice-President Eurofins Genomics.

“Eurofins’ broad expertise in nucleic acid chemistry is a perfect fit for our RNA technology portfolio”, says Guido Krupp, President of AmpTec. “Eurofins’ emphasis on direct and flexible interaction is very important for us” confirms Peter Scheinert, CSO of AmpTec. “With this agreement, our long-term partnership will reach new levels of market awareness and international recognition.”

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