Introductory Offer

Save 75% with Eurofins Genomics's Introductory Offer!*


Top 3 Reasons why Scientists Choose Eurofins Genomics

  • First-rate product quality
  • Superior Support
  • Best value for the money

Directions For Promo Code:

  1. Enter the promotion code INTRO75 in the promo code field during checkout, when placing your first order. 
  2. *NOTE: all promotional discounts will be added to your order after it is submitted. The discount will not appear in the cart. Our Genomics Support team will review any order with a promo code after the order is submitted, and apply the discount.


  • Applies to first order of up to $300.00 at list price only.
  • Certain products do not apply, including but not limited to: GMP oligos, Express Oligos, prepaid sequencing products, and NGS.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers.

You will also receive a complimentary Orfins™ Animal with your order.

* Valid for first time customers on oligos, automated DNA sequencing, and siRNA products only. Not valid for EVOcard, SimpleSeq™ DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, and next generation sequencing. 75% savings is from List Prices shown on: