Adopt an OrFin Animal

These cute and cuddly pals are in need of a good laboratory home.  Adopt an OrFin today by entering the promo code ORFINS in the promo code field during checkout.  This promotion only applies to orders of $100. Please check below for other restrictions.

New OrFin animals are added on a regular basis. These furry friends need lots of buddies so be sure to return frequently to collect new OrFins for your lab! 




  • Applies to most standard oligo orders, except ExpressOligos.
  • Does not apply to gene orders, sequencing orders, or some special products.
  • Only applies to orders of $100 or more.
  • OrFins animals are updated based on availability, current inventory levels, and demand. 
  • Bulk shipments will contain 1 orfin, even if the bulk box contains multiple orders. This restriction is due to the available space in the shipping container.

*NOTE: all promotional discounts will be added to your order after it is submitted. The discount will not appear in the cart. Our Genomics Support team will review any order with a promo code after the order is submitted, and apply the discount.